Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's a Winner!!

When I checked my email today I received a fabulous suprise - notice that I had won the Mother's Day Sewing Contest over at The Fabric Fairy! My entry is also featured on her blog: The Handmade Muse. I am so wowed & proud! The goal of the contest was to make something fabulous out of fabric from their Mamas Fabric selection & it had to be for yourself. Sounds easy, but as any sewing mom can attest, making stuff for everyone else is usually what you spend most time on - case point, I also ended up making this newborn set of the same tea dot flower fabric:

I really love the dress for me though - it's really comfortable and can be both casual & dressy. As mentioned in my previous post on the dress, the design, The Window Shopping Dress, is just one single cut piece and easily converts to a "non-pregnant" shape just by moving the belt down and then ta-da! A fun, mommy & baby matching ensemble. I really love all the great fabrics at The Fabric Fairy and am so excited to use my winnings on more lovely fabric. Now, deciding on which specific fabrics....that's the hard part!


  1. That dress is beautiful and should be an award winner. I have yet to sew something for myself (besides loungs pants) that I am really proud to wear. But, I am searching for that perfect pattern.

  2. Congrats!! Love the baby outfit too. My baby is going to be so jealous of your baby's wardrobe! (:

  3. Thank you so much! I feel like a "real" sewer now:)

    Traci, my first project for myself was lounge pants too:) This dress was from One Piece Wearables which has loads of cute & easy to do patterns that may help in your search.

    Rae, your arrival day is a few weeks sooner though, so you'll have a head start on the fun of getting to dress baby up!

  4. How cute is that? I NEVER sew or craft for myself... so very sad. I love the dress...


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