Friday, June 5, 2009

For A Lazy Little Daisy

I've been on a major kick to fill up my baby-on-the-way's closet, since all the clothes I had left from my older boys were, well, for boys. I had some neutral things, but wanted to put together some items that clearly say "girl", but not over frilly or uber-pink. I also wanted easy on/off designs, since we use cloth diapers and I hate messing with loads of tiny snaps & buttons. I'd been looking for an idea for this fabric for a while and was therefore thrilled when my first issues of Ottobre Design arrived last week (the best anniversary present ever!!). I used the Muksis & Hupsis patterns from the 1/09 issue and really love how they turned out.

Besides the cute style and how easily they came together, both pieces are so practical since they have the turn up cuffs & loose fit for growth. The front pocket gives it just the right finishing touch too. I just wish the photos did the fabric justice - the background is actually a soft lemon yellow (not white), so it's ideal for camouflaging the inevitable spit-up stains the usually wreck outfits.

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