Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sew what? Anything & everything!

I'll admit it - I'm officially addicted to my sewing. Having a baby on the way has really kicked my habit into high gear and since my husband pointed out that there will be precious little time to do projects after baby arrives, I'm really motivated to do project after project right now (wish I was this inspired to clean my house!).

I started out just planning on the kimono, but made a matching set to utilize every bit of the fab fabrics. The bird print fabric is from Joann's and I knew I HAD to get it the second I saw it. Not only was it ridiculously cheap, but it has that pricier designer look and a unique color combo that can go with anything. The patterns I used are all from the fabulous book Sweet Booties! which has become a fast favorite of mine. I love the variety of projects, how simple the instructions are, the beautiful photos and that it includes all the patterns in a range of sizes. The patterns are printed on freezer paper as well (instead of tissue) & there's a handy pouch to store them in, so it's easy to keep them fresh & organized.

I lined everything with organic bamboo velour so it would be cuddly-soft & organic on the inside and practical for the iffy weather that tends to happen here in late summer/early fall. I also love it because it's natural color and wears like iron, so the spit up stains that ruined countless outfits in the past will get a run for their money. Added bonus, there's still some fabric left to dream up another coordinating item...hmmmmm. Stay tuned for some summer fun items for mom soon!

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