Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Styles for Moms In A Hurry

After viewing my summer wardrobe, it appeared plain I needed some summer dresses. My criteria was pretty specific though: had to be comfortable, flattering to my ever expanding waist/rest of pregnant body and had to be something I could wear again next summer when I'm back to a normal shape.  Not a tall order, right?  It's easy to say you'll just wear/find loose fitting stuff when you're in the 1st trimester, but now that I'm 6 mos in, it's obvious a lot of stuff just isn't cutting it (read: sausage casing) or looks like a tent (read: makes my middle look even larger than it is).

Enter these two dresses. These are from a fabulous book by Sheila Brennan: One Piece Wearables. This is THE book for quick, easy to make stuff that looks good. Like the name says everything in it is made from a single pattern piece (which is included), so there's a minimal amount of work involved - no pieces to match, fairly simple steps, most involve just 1 yard or less of fabric and the stuff is really cute. These are definitely projects that can be completed in a short sitting. I decided to use stretch knit instead of cotton to make these more belly-friendly and I like that with virtually no adjustment, they work for any body shape. For instance, the pattern for the leaf print dress was trapeze style and just called for using a ribbon as a belt, so instead of around the waist, I just tied it above the bump. Easy and effective!

My only issue is that for some weird reason the patterns come in S-M-L, but with no indication of what those are.  Way too vague - that could mean ANYTHING!  While I am considered petite in size, I am pretty round in the waist at the moment, so I was surprised to have to remove a full 6 inches from the back of the swirl one to make it fit properly, but maybe using a non-stretch fabric would have prevented that. Either way, I'm happy to have a few new items that look and feel great for summer!


  1. They look wonderful! I was tempted by that book at the store just yesterday, and now that I see what it can do, I think I'll put it on my wish list. Thanks!

  2. Hi, I found your blog from Sew Mamma Sew and just wanted to say thanks for all the great ideas for maternity wear. I am having my fourth baby this fall and have just given up on "off the rack" clothing as they are all to short for me. Going to try sewing them instead. Your dresses look great! Thanks again.


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