Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Recycling never felt so good!

During the holidays I had some down time to get to a project I've been wanting to do - recycling my husband's worn out duds into new stuff for the kiddies. Here is the before - a well worn sherpa sweatshirt whose cuffs were pretty ratty & worn:

After: 1 XL Men's Shirt = 2 pairs of pants for a 6yr old & 3yr old

I used the sleeves to make the pants for my 3 yr old. I just guesstimated a u-shape cut to make the crotch area and sewed them together. He already had a lot of plain tan pants, so I spruced them up with a few buttons. I'm really proud of the ones for my 6 yr old though. I used one of my favorite pj patterns and used the body material of the shirt. I was careful enough cutting that I was able to use the ribbed trim hem of the shirt as fitted cuffs for the pants (also a plus since that meant I didn't need to hem or finish the pant bottoms). My favorite part was that I was able to perfectly center the embroidery from the shirt front on the backside of the pants, so they actually look like a "branded" pair. They go with just about everything and I was thrilled that the shirt got a new life and I didn't have to run out and buy any. I have several other husband castoffs that will be reincarnated soon.....stay tuned!


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