Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bedtime Just Got Better

My guys have had some growth spurts recently and I noticed several pairs of pajamas were looking a bit too tight. I kind of hate the "snug fit" most cotton brands are. I get that it's for "safety" but once they get a little too small they are near impossible to get on & off - especially in the neck and wrist areas. I can't imagine they are that comfortable either. I don't like my own pjs to feel constricting, so making better fitting ones was on my to-do list.

One of my new sewing weaknesses for 2009 is print knits. They are much more versatile for kid's clothing than regular cotton since they stretch. I'd been eying these for a while, but then they went on sale I knew I had to get them. My guys both reach for these first when getting ready for bed and I made them a little loose, so they would last longer & be more comfy. I even had enough of the green left over to make a backup blankie for my 3 yr old. He has this prefold cloth diaper that is almost identical this fabric. We'd originally had about 6 of them, but now we're down to just 2, so I'm trying to mix in my homemade one as a backup;)

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  1. Hi Cheryl! I met you at the HMN meeting. You gave a great presentation. I have been to your store a few times and love it! I actually told my family I wanted a gift certificate to your store for Christmas. They got me a $25.00 gift certificate and sadly, it got lost in all of the christmas shuffle. I was wondeirng if you have a record of who purchases gift cards in your store. I know your dad sold it to my sister. I am so bummbed! I am still looking but am concerned it may of gotten tossed! Please let me know! my email address is: daniellekovachevich@hotmail.com
    By the way, I was the mom at the group that was considering cloth diapers with my twin two year olds and my 10 month old. :)
    PS) Your website is so great!


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