Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cozy Wrap Up for Winter

I loved how nice the pink kimono set for my niece turned out and it was a big hit, so I set out to make the shirt & pant version for my littlest guy. I used ultra cuddle fabric from Joann's and wow is it super soft. More snuggly than fleece and does not pill - photos just don't show how plush it is. The only downside is it makes LOTS of little fuzzy flyaways when you cut it, so the less cutting required, the better. I tossed the cut pieces in the dryer on fluff to help, but had a major vacuuming job on the table and floor.

I modified the ties to be stitched on oriental-style bows instead and added snaps as the closures, so it would look a bit more boyish and be less likely to open up when he's running around. I'm thinking about using the scraps leftover to make some slipper socks, but I haven't seen any good patterns or how-to's, so after the holidays, I'll hopefully come up with a winning design and have something to post.


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