Friday, December 19, 2008

Simple Pleasures

I just had to post this, because my husband and I found it so amusing. With all the high tech, fast paced toys, tv, games and other "entertainment" pushed at kids, it's so refreshing to remember it's the simple things that give the most enjoyment. Our old washer decided to tender it's resignation and after careful consideration we decided to get a front loader washer that was super green on energy & water efficiency (and had both a sanitize setting & child lock). After giving it a test run, we realized our kids would be fascinated with this "window into washing" and got some clothes going for them to see. They were amazed. They literally pulled up chairs to watch it and gave a play-by-play. "Ohhh the water's going's turning to the it's turning to the right...more water is coming in.." Hilarious how something so mundane can be way more exciting than a room full of toys. They actually come running when they see me with the laundry basket. How's that for simple entertainment?

This reaffirms that my decision not to do a bunch of toys for Christmas is not going to be a disappointment. Besides an inexpensive bean bag toss game & a set of phthalate-free bath toys from our store that are to be shared, I've made all their other presents (pics coming soon). I have to say it's been so much more fun and fulfilling than all the years I scoured the internet looking for fancy toys, overspending only to have them barely interested. This washer is ideal - not only does it clean clothes, but it puts on a show for the kids.


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