Sunday, September 14, 2008

Top Halves & Assorted Fiascos

Well I had a bunch of projects planned for this weekend, but they pretty much fell through big time. I'd snagged some cute ladies patterns (for only $1.99 each!!) and all the supplies for an online toy tutorial I was dying to try out, but of course there were major set backs. Like 2 of the patterns being the wrong size range (doh!) and once I did get one of the right ones, somehow I goofed with the fabric and couldn't get the neckband to fit no matter what I did, so the dress is unfinished and looks to stay that way for now. The online tutorial sounded so easy but some steps were a lot more work for me than expected, so that too is at a stand still. I was pretty irritated by the end of yesterday and ready to throw in the towel on all my projects.

After getting talked down from my mental ledge by dear husband, I decided to tackle something more familiar for a little success - the dino pullover hoodie seen here. I'd made the festive owl one a few weeks ago for Ethan and was planning on making one for me, but of course the adult size pattern was one of the wrong size ones and the ridiculous, constant rain made me not want to venture out again for the millionth time to exchange it, so I made the dino instead. When I made them each the reversible dino pants I thought I might try a matching top, so here's what I made today. I used the same fleece and added dino fabric lining to the hood and put on the pocket to make it match the pants. I also widen the sleeves so it would be easier to sew the cuffs, which was my main issue with the pattern when I made the owl one. I'll definitely come up with some more variations...maybe a patchwork one with several different fabrics. I ordered a few fun print fabrics from a seller on Etsy that I'm sure will inspire some new items once they arrive.

I'm going to give the toy another try this week, so if there is success, I'll post the finished item. I also have something of my own design I'd like to have a go at if there's a bit of time too, as well as some embroidery & applique stuff that have been on my list. So many ideas, so little time!


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