Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Diaper Duty

I whipped up this pocket diaper up a few weeks ago from looking over the ones in my stash and making my own variation into a pattern. It's become one of my favorites (I even made a second one since I liked it so much). I made the inner lining out organic bamboo velour and the outer is a print PUL. A little tricky to sew since the slippery stretch of the velour is more challenging to keep in place, but it turned out pretty well I think. It's really too bad there aren't more print PUL fabrics out there-I just love those. I'm thinking about coming up with a design for a training pant using these fabrics since potty training will be on the horizon for my littlest guy. I just hated that phase last time because of all the useless training pants I bought. No matter what they were made from, if there was any sort of accident it always involved a major wardrobe change. I have a feeling it's going to be more of a challenge training this guy-he's got his own ideas about a lot of things, so the better the training pant, the happier this mommy is going to be.

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  1. How cute.

    I was nervous about potty training my daughter, as she's, um, determined. She was having none of it, when we were asking if she needed to go every 20 minutes or so. Then she discovered that she could sneak off whenever SHE wanted to go and she trained herself in just a couple of days. It just had to be on HER terms... grr.


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