Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Homeschool Adventures Begin!

This week marks our first real week of homeschooling full time. We started casually trying it out back in January, but we were still doing public preschool and then came the lazy days of summer when it wasn't everyday or very thought out. I've gotten more organized since then and we've decided to work with the Clonlara school's home based program for 2008-2009 so we have an advisor to refer to for advice, support and ideas, but are still doing our own unique curriculum, our own way. It is so rewarding to see Ethan's face full of excitement when he discovers something new and it has really reminded me how to stop and enjoy the world around us and get into exploring more. It really is a wonderful way to both teach and learn.

Today's adventure was outside in our yard with our magnifying glasses and camera. Before we went out we read a book about how seeds are spread in various ways. Then we examined the different trees in our yard: what the changing leaves looked like, what kinds of seeds they made, how their bark was different, etc. We brought our samples back in and he was thrilled to draw some leaves for our nature book (he usually puts up a struggle when asked to draw). We pressed our best ones and will be makes some artwork with them and then use the pictures we took to showcase what we discovered and have Ethan add some text to them for our book. I've got some other projects planned like preserving herbs and building a fairy house, as well as some outdoor field trips, so we can take advantage of the beauty of Fall as a complete learning experience. Happy Autumn Indeed!


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