Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Easy DIY Rope & Greenery Wreath

I am ALL about the easy decor projects.  Today I'm sharing a super quick, yet still thrifty 
DIY Rope & Greenery Wreath.

I made a matching pair to decorate my double front doors:

These wreathes are great for inside or out and very simple to put together.

They combine faux greenery & jute elements which is really on trend right now:

To be honest this project came about because I could not for the life of me find the summertime wooden signs I usually put on our front doors!  I looked in all my storage spots but just could not find them.  

I don't have a lot of time to go shopping these days or really want to spend much on expensive stuff to stick on the doors.  Having to get 2 for double doors hikes up the prices and since our house faces full sun most of the day the sunlight wears them out fast too.  Since these aren't brightly colored, any fading won't be as obvious over time.

I found two basic artificial greenery hoop wreaths at Menards.  Just a simple metal ring with some faux plants.  They were $5.99 each, but seemed too small on their own for our large doors.  

So I scrounged my craft stash and hit pay dirt.

I'd bought two 12 inch rope rings on clearance for just $2.47 each a while back but could never figure out how to use them.   

They were a perfect fit!  (Note: you could probably just cut some firm rope and hot glue the ends together if a pre-fab rope circle isn't easy to find).  Then came how to attach them.  Hmm...

I found some twine and layered them together then wound it the twine around them loosely, starting under the plants and going all the way around.  

Then I knotted the ends together on the back. 

It still needed "something" so I used some faux peony blooms left over from my DIY Faux Flower Hand Knit Pillow project: 

And hot glued one to each wreath right in the middle of the greenery.

I had a bit of 1 inch wide burlap ribbon on a spool, but just a yard & a half, so I cut it in 
two pieces:

Then folded each in half and looped it into a lark's knot and then knotted the open ends together.  

That gave me the ideal way to hang them on my door hooks:

I estimate each of these cost about $10 to make and took under 30 minutes to do both.  
Not a bad price and minimal craft effort too!

Now our front doors look more stylish and interesting and it didn't take much time 
or $ to do it:)


  1. They're beautiful and compliment your doors so well! I love them and can't wait to try my hand at crafting something similar.

    1. Thank you so much. I'd love to see yours when you do!

  2. Very pretty wreath! I like how you doubled it with two different style wreath forms.

    1. Thanks! It made a unique effect and solved my "slightly too small" problem too.

  3. These are beautiful! I can't believe they were only $7. Great find. Putting them together was a great idea!

    1. Made me glad I held onto some random craft leftovers to keep things cheap!

  4. Congrats! Your wreaths will be featured on tomorrow's Traffic Jam Weekend!

    1. Thanks so much and for sharing your party with me. Thrilled to be featured:)

  5. Gorgeous wreath idea for 2 doors.
    Happy fall,

    1. Thanks Kippi - it can be tricky to have to do two wreaths, so I'm always happy when it works out thriftily!

  6. These are so beautiful, they'll be a feature over on Handmade Monday next week :-)

  7. Lovely wreath. I love the simplicity of it. It looks great on two doors. I am happy to feature your rope wreath at Love Your Creativity.


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