Thursday, July 8, 2021

Faux Patchwork Christmas Stocking Pattern & Tutorial

It's Christmas in July time!  
Get a jump start on sewing for Christmas & make a festive stocking the quick n' easy way.

What makes this stocking a great sew is that it looks like it's a more time consuming patchwork design, thanks to the central fabric's block design, but it's actually just pieced together strips.  So much simpler!!

I created this project as a designer for Team Timeless to highlight their new Comfort & Joy fabrics collection, but you could also use any 4in square sized patchwork print and coordinating fabrics.  Thinner strips between the blocks keep things from looking too busy and help those festive squares to really pop:
Coordinated piping adds some nice outlining detail and a center layer of batting gives it a solid shape:

It's also lined, so you can add a fun interior fabric like this reindeer print that coordinated with my outer fabrics:

Perfect for hanging by the fireplace, waiting to be filled with Christmas goodies:

Finished size:
15″h x 11″w
Seam allowance is three-eighths of an inch unless otherwise noted.  
Fabric Requirements
– 1/2 yd cuts of 2 fabrics I used Timeless Treasures HOLIDAY-C8654 MULTI and HOLIDAY-C8656 RED
– 1/4 yd cuts of 4 coordinating fabrics.  I used Timeless Treasures Shimmer Green, Mini Leaf Blenders MEADOW C8500 GREEN, MEADOW C8500 Beige and MEADOW C8500 Red
Additional Materials
– 1 & 1/4yd piping
– 1/2 yd batting
– 5 inch strip of 3/8 or 1/2 inch wide ribbon 
– Yard stick, rotary cuter, iron, zipper foot, pins, hand sewing needle
– My FREE Christmas Stocking Pattern HERE

Download my free stocking pattern pieces (set printer to actual size and check against the square inch on the page), then print, cut out and tape the sections together per the instructions.
Cutting Instructions:

Fold fabrics, selvages together before cutting
– Along the block design lines, cut HOLIDAY-C8654 MULTI (or similar patchwork fabric) horizontally to create (3) single block high rows
– Cut (1) WOF x 1 1/2″h strip from each of Shimmer Green, Mini Leaf Blenders MEADOW C8500 GREEN and (2) MEADOW C8500 Beige

– Using the stocking pattern, cut a mirrored pair from the lining and another from the batting.

What makes a more interesting effect is to slide the block rows so that they are staggered, rather than having the blocks line up exactly vertically before sewing all the strips together.


Once you've adjust the blocks as you like them, it's time to stitch the thinner strips between them.  With right sides facing, pin, then begin stitching together the strips, using a 1/8 inch seam allowance, in the following order, starting at the bottom:

You'll begin with the lowest row of blocks, which will get a strip attached to its top and another to its bottom.  Continue with the rest in the order specified.

Once all the strips are sewn together, along the wrong side of the fabric, press the seam allowances to one side.

Flip the fabric over and, using the pattern, cut two mirrored stockings from the newly sewn together fabric.  Placement is totally up to you with which blocks you want to feature:

Cut a piece of piping at least 42 inches long.  If you want to create a custom piping like I did here, cut some 1 inch wide strips of fabric on the bias (45 degree angle), I used MEADOW C8500 Red.  Stitch ends together at right angles to make a single piece that is long enough to make 45 inches in length.

Wrap the fabric around some pre-fab piping or some narrow cord, right side out, and pin the fabric layers together, close to the cord:

Stitch very close to the cord using a zipper foot & matching thread: 

Still using the zipper foot, stitch the piping to the raw edge of one stocking front on all sides except the top, stitching right on top of the piping stitches.

With right sides facing, stitch the outer stocking halves together, stitching right over the previous stitching used to attach the piping:

Trim down the seam allowances and turn right side out.  Fold the strip of ribbon in half to make a hanging loop and baste near the side seam as shown:  


Pair the lining stockings, right sides facing, with the batting sandwich outside them, pin & stitch together, but leave a several inch gap along one side for turning.  

 Insert the outer stocking, right side out, into the lining:

Match up the side seams, pin together the top edges, then stitch together all the way around.

Pull the outer stocking out through the gap in the lining and pull right sides out, hand stitch gap closed with a slip stitch and push lining inside.  Press flat.

Now your stocking is ready to make the season merry & bright!


  1. Very pretty with the "patches".


    1. Thanks Alexandra! I love when a project looks like more work than it is ;)

  2. Such a pretty stocking Cheryl and a great idea to get an early start on Christmas.
    Thank you for sharing this Christmas in July project at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring it at today's party.


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