Thursday, July 15, 2021

Baby & Toddler Hack: Upcycled Rompers Into Tank Tops

This summer has been SO hot & humid.  90 degree days started in May and the rain just will not quit around here.  It's crazy.  Having more sleeveless & tank style tops has become key for the whole family, but time to create more from scratch hasn't been a-plenty and I didn't want to spend more $ on clothes mid-season.  Instead, I've been doing some hacks to make last summer's baby clothes work as this summer's toddler wardrobe. 

Several of last year's cute 3-6months rompers have been rejuvenated as stylish swing tops for my 17 month old and it's been the ideal solution.  Minimal time & no cost!  

From this cottony yellow romper:  


To this little ensemble:

And this colorful bird print bamboo romper:

Has become:

To make these fast, I used another tank top to determine the ideal length:

I started by cutting off the romper bottoms, as low as possible, just above the leg areas.  I used my French curve ruler to give a slightly rounded hem:

For the two layer cotton romper I pressed the raw edges inward 1/4inch:

Then pinned them together:

And top stitched through both layers:

I paired them with some chambray shorts I'd made my now 3yr old son when he was this age and we had an instant sweet summer outfit:

For the bamboo knit romper I folded the raw edge under and used fusible tape to hold it and give it some stability, then used a twin needle to hem it:

That gave it a lovely, stretch-able finish:

My little lady loves wearing both and has been staying cool despite the heat.  I had a soft spot for these little rompers too, so it feels good to get another season of wear out of them and have it cost $0 to boot. 

It's just tough to get any decent photos since she's super fast now & it's so steamy outside.  These were the best I could do before my camera fogged up.  Guess we just need to beat the heat inside & make more tank tops!

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  1. This tops are adorable! I love the embellishments along the neckline.



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