Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Quick & Easy Mini Fairy Garden Bowl

Love fairies?  Love gardens?  Love things in miniature?  Then today's project is for you!  It's a super Quick & Easy Fairy Garden Bowl!

There are a thousand kinds of fairy gardens out there.  Some very simple, some very elaborate.  All should be cute and relaxing to make.  Even when free time is scarce (like when you have an erratically napping baby and 3 active kids).  Enter my version.

The materials are easy to get together and pretty inexpensive.  The basics are from the dollar store or easy to get at the craft store with coupons.  

A little mushroom house with fairy door adds some crafted whimsy and, since there are no live plants, it'll always stay green and indoor-friendly, which will be a big help when it's a gloomy winter day (or month).

Let's Make A Fairy Garden!

- Glass bowl 
- Glass marbles 
- Dried moss
- Wooden mushroom 
- Baker's twine
- Craft glue
- Craft wire 
- Fairy buttons 
- Hot glue (optional)

The fairy buttons are from my shop.  I fell in love with these beauties the moment I first saw them.  They're so cute & cheery.  Especially the fairy doors & welcome sign.  I've used a few for this project and plan to use others from the sets for some hair clips and jewelry for my daughter!

Start by filling the bowl halfway with marbles.  I used clear so the blue "water" would just be on top:

Fill the the rest of the bowl with moss at the back half and blue marbles at the front:

For the garden mushroom, take the wooden mushroom and put a thin layer of glue on the stem.  Beginning at the bottom, wind the bake's twine around snugly and closely to cover the wood.

Do the same with the cap, starting at the bottom and then winding upward and cutting the twine at the top center.  It's easier to do the mushroom as two steps so you've one part to hold onto while the other is covered in glue.  Hot glue fairy door and smiling flower buttons into place.

For anchoring the button decorations, cut a piece of craft wire a few inches long for each button and the fold & twist around the shank to create a stake that will help them stand in the moss.  

Hot glue into place to permanently affix.

I'm all about the easy projects to feel accomplishment and contentment, rather than stress and disappointment trying to attempt time consuming items and then being frustrated I can't get them done, or worse, make big mistakes while rushing.  This little garden is the perfect solution!  


  1. That is too cool and too cute! (What a neat way to embellish the wooden mushroom, too.) Agree with you completely on the part about "easy projects to feel accomplishment and contentment". It's the ultimate natural high.

    1. Thanks Rochelle and that's totally becoming my mantra right now. I see so many time consuming projects and elaborate posts these days and my first thought is "there's no way I have time to do something like that without dropping the ball on everything else". I can't justify ignoring my 5 month old's brief little baby time or letting my house turn into a bomb site so I can make an elaborate craft. Here's to fun & fast projects!

  2. This is SEW cute!!!! Just visited the "shop" also & OH MY!!! I'm going to HAVE to be making a buttons purchase SOON!!!

    1. Thanks so much for the support Chelle! My little shop has become such a joy for me, I love seeing blog friends finding things they love in it:)


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