Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Fluffy Three Dimensional Letter Name Wall Art

Looking for an easy project for decorating the walls that's fast & cheap?  Then today's how-to is right up your street: Fluffy Letter Name Wall Art.

3-D names/words on the wall has been around for a while decor-wise, but I wanted something a little different than just basic yarn or puffed up fabric letters.  I didn't wan't it to involve a lot of materials or frustrating techniques though.  This method ticked all my boxes and takes just minutes to make too.  And it works great for any words you want to add to the wall (not just baby names!).

I used was some mdf letters from the craft store:

And some leftover eyelash yarn:

All I did was tie the yarn onto one end of a letter with a knot and then tightly wind the yarn around the entire letter.

I made sure to keep the yarn taut and each strand nice and close to the other so there'd be no gaps.  By using a dimensional yarn like eyelash it creates a puffier, fluffier letter and you can't see any of the winding.  Added bonus was since my yarn had variegated colors, it made some pretty stripe-like effects.

It makes it very forgiving if the strands overlap or you need to do a few extra wraps around the curves.  At the end I simply tucked the tail under a few layers and glued it in place.  That's it!

I didn't want the weight of the letter to pull on the yarn when hanging so my husband tapped in nails so the letters sit on them.  Since they're up high and over a tall dresser they won't get bumped or grabbed at, so it works perfectly.

It goes great with the 3-D Faux Candy Wall Art I did for the other wall of his room:

This little project has been a long time coming.  I actually had it done about 6 months ago, but only finally got it up on the wall (and able to photograph in place) about 2 weeks ago.

Life with a new baby + 3 other kids has definitely changed my speed and prioritizing!  I had the letters done before the baby came though, so he did technically have it in his room when he arrived;)


  1. I think I squealed about half a dozen times looking at these cute pictures, Cheryl! :) Did some pinning, too, including that little space princess wig/hat. Absolutely adorable.

    1. Aw thanks LuAnn! I'm thrilled you found things you like - more fun things are coming up too:)

  2. This is so super cute. A must for my grandsons room 😍

    1. Thanks Kerrie. There are so many cute wall ideas for girls, but it's hard to find non-themed wall stuff for boys, so this works great (and keeps it thrifty too!).

  3. The 3d letters are so cute, Cheryl you are so crafty. I dont know how you come up with so many wonderful projects and they are very user friendly too. I mean self explanatory.


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