Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Easy Project Time: Love Cuddle Self Binding Blanket

Lately I'm loving projects I can fit into the small amount of free time I have.  I especially need them to be things that provide a lot of use and still feel fun well after any particular holiday or season is over.  There just isn't time to do a Valentine's Day themed item that'll get tosses into storage in a week or two, waiting for a chance to get used next year.  It's hardly worth the effort then!  Enter my Love Cuddle Self Binding Blanket.

This self-binding blanket mixes a pretty cotton print with a cuddly minky to make the perfect throw or baby blanket.  I'm not sure which I'll use it for yet....

The self-binding style gives it a classic, finished look, but without the hassle of doing a bound edge:

What I like most is that this print is perfect for Valentine's Day with it's love theme, but isn't too holiday-specific like the usual red & pink colors or heart designs.  It can be used all year long:  

 - 1 1/8 yds cotton fabric (I used Love Where You're Going)
 - 1 1/4 yds minky/cuddle fabric
 - Optional but recommended: walking foot
 - Yard stick, rotary cutter, lots of pins, hand sewing needle

Start by cutting the cotton to be 39 inches by 39 inches and the cuddle to be 42.5 inches by 42.5 inches.  It's really important to get these super straight so using a yard stick and rotary cutter is key.  I find folding the fabric into halves or quarters makes this easier when the pieces are this big:

Lay the cuddle face up and center the cotton face down, so that there's a 3.5 inch border between the raw edges on all sides.  It's also important to make sure the cuddle's nap faces downward so it lays smooth.

Carefully pin together the raw edges of the fabrics all the way around, leaving the corners loose.  The more pins the better, so the cuddle doesn't stretch out while sewing.  

It also helps to sew with the cuddle side on the bottom and using a walking foot to better keep the fabric from shifting or stretching.  Cuddle is SO lovely for projects, but it can be frustrating to sew, so this will ease that a bit.  Sew the layers together all the way around, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance, skipping the corners, 

and leaving a 3 inch gap on one side for turning.  

Pull the open corners to a point and stitch a diagonal line to make nice mitered corners. Trim off the excess fabric.

Turn the blanket right side out and slip stitch the gap closed.

Lay the blanket nice a flat and smooth out so there are no ripples on the back.  Pin along the binding area:

and topstitch all the way around:

The finished size is 40 x 40.  

Now there's a pretty blanket to love & cuddle up in!  


  1. Absolutely love that fabric!! It made such a cute blanket. Thank you for the binding tutorial. I've seen it before but forgot about it.

    1. I always forget about this easy & nice way to do blankets. I'd been wanting to do something with this fabric for ages - I love it too and now I can see it everyday!

    2. Hello.
      I'm hoping you can help me out.I'm looking for a yard of "Love where you're going "fabric.

  2. Does anyone have a yard I'd this fabric "Love where you're going "?

    1. I sold out of this in my shop last year. Unfortunately they aren't printing it anymore.


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