Wednesday, January 6, 2016

docrafts® Creativity Magazine Feature

2016 seems like it's off to a great start here at Sew Can Do HQ (aka my home craft room). I'm geared up to sew & craft more regularly, working through my stash more, feeling less self-imposed pressure to "do it all" and I've got a wonderful new feature in docrafts® Creativity Magazine!  

Their Winter Issue 85 is all about creating your own craft space, so it was a real honor to have them ask if they could include my craft room in their featured cover story and have a bonus Q&A section with me in it too. 

My craft room is a bit out of the ordinary since it's a small double duty space I've put together myself.  As I'm not a DIY guru, and haven't had a giant room to spare or money-no-object budget, it's definitely a real world kind of place anyone can do.

Half is for sewing & crafts:

The other for a bit of cooking, baking & ironing.  Plus, it's no bigger than most laundry rooms:

I was so thrilled to get my copy of magazine just after the holidays (it's been available in the UK since December). Not only did the article turn out great, but there were lots of other neat ideas & projects in the magazine.  Several of those are now on my to-make list for 2016.  Plus each issue comes with a few bonus goodies.  This one has these cute coordinating stickers and year diary:

The magazine, with cover gifts, is available at most UK newsagents (and via international mail for those of us across the pond).  I found in digital format on iTunes and here too.  

I've also got a lovely extended interview post over at the docrafts blog, where I share more of how I set up my dream craft room, as well as key tips & tricks for putting together an ideal space.  You can find it HERE.  Wishing everyone their dream craft space for 2016!!


  1. Just read your feature over on the docrafts site – what a fab craft space! Mine is gradually spreading all over the place and I need to get it a bit more organised! I think the key is to keep it looking neat. Really I just have too many bits and pieces and they are all piling on top of one another! xx

    1. Thanks so much! I had the same problem, but having lots of easy to access (and see) storage has made a huge difference. The space hasn't grown, but I can keep more in it and still keep in neat:)


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