Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Vintage Look Sweet Beats Handbag

I love unique bags and since I'm also a thrifty gal, this means I usually make them for myself.  The prices of whimsical handbags these days just stuns me.  Today's bag is one I've been carrying around for a while, but I still haven't shown.  This little purse deserves it's moment in the blog sun, so today I'm revealing my Sweet Beats Handbag.

I actually designed the bag around the fabric I used (Musical Instruments from Timeless Treasures).  I really loved the retro vibe & bright colors and thought a vintage-style shape would go perfectly with it.  A sort of a beatnik/old school camera bag feel.

And so it could keep it's curvy shape (and be padded enough to really carry my camera too), I stabilized it with a mid-weight fusible interfacing and a fusible fleece.  I also added some metal feet to it so the bottom would stay nice and it would look cute sitting down.

I wanted the detailing to echo the curved look, so I made the handle, shoulder strap & sides solid (a coordinating Soho Solid called Royal) and also added some curved corner sections around the front & back.  The magnetic snap closure even has a guitar-style shape to complete the look.

Even though the bag isn't really big, the interior is pretty roomy.  I made a little padded pocket for it and there's always lots of space - even when I load it up with stuff.

I don't have a tutorial for it because it's got so many curvy pieces.  It would really require full-on pattern drafting and more than my usual handful of photos to show how to put it together.  I may offer a pattern for it at some point though.  It's become one of my favorite bags.

The best part is even when I'm dressed down, this bag gives me a stylish look.  And believe me, when you've got 3 kids wearing you down all day, you need all the extra style you can get!

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  1. This is stylish and cute. Makes me want to dance!

  2. Very cool - love this bag!


  3. this bag is so cute! the love the Style and the fabric so much. very cute indeed. I would love to buy the pattern!

  4. This is fantastic! I love the fabric and the design!

  5. Super cute! Wish you had the tutorial to share, but I love the inspiration!

    1. Once there's some free time (which I've ben short on this summer), I hope to put together a pattern for this and do a little giveaway. I'll be sure to announce it when I do:)

  6. I love it! pity about not having a pattern, because it is adorable!

    1. There's been such a nice response to the bag, drafting a pattern is on my to-do list. I'll keep you posted!

  7. LOVE IT! The music fabric is so great and you did a great job with the styling.

    Thanks for sharing on the BeBetsy BRAG ABOUT IT.

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  8. Congrats!! You have been featured at The DIY Dreamer!! YAY! Come on over and grab your featured button, you deserve it :)


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