Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Special Project Feature: Wedding Party Invitation Boxes

Today's post is a special craft project made by my lovely sister. She's getting married next summer and thought of a beautiful way to ask me and my daughter to be part of the wedding. I thought this was so cute & clever I had to share it: Wedding Party Invitation Boxes!
She & her fiancé started with unfinished wooden boxes and stenciled, painted and embellished them with paper flowers in her wedding colors.  She also added a personalized name plate to each too.  

When I opened mine, this was the surprise inside:
The inside lid had an invitation to the wedding stamped on it: 
And a beautiful handmade request for me to be her Matron of Honor:
As well as some sweet treats, beauty goodies and color swatches, all in her wedding colors:
Inside my little girl's box were some sweet treats, a little wedding dress and some Disney Princess  goodies:
 And this beautiful little note asking her to be a flower girl:
I love how she carpeted the bottom of my daughter's box with flowers.  She's so enchanted with it, she calls it her treasure box.
I was enchanted with it too - it looks like something from a fairy tale.  And besides the honor of being asked to be part their wedding, she's also asked me create the flower girl dress for my little girl.  I'm so looking forward to making something special and this sweet surprise will definitely help inspire me!


  1. oh, this is just gorgeous! i like every single detail!

  2. What a sweet and beautiful way to ask you and your little girl to be part of your sister's wedding. The "treasure box" is sure to be a favorite keepsake. Be sure to let us see your daughter's flower girl dress when it's ready!

  3. How sweet! What a Beautiful way of asking!! You sister is VERY creative & I can hardly wait to see your Daughters dress & pix from the wedding!!!! Congrats to both of you & Best Wishes to you Sister!! kweenbee_612@yahoo.com


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