Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's Make A Spring Glitter Cottage!

Earlier this week I showed you some of my favorite crafty supplies from Sugar Pink Boutique, now I'm going to show you how I like to use them.  Let's Make A Spring Glitter Cottage!!

As some of you know at Christmastime last year I discovered the magic of glitter houses and fell in love with how magical and pretty they looked.  And it was surprising how easy and inexpensive it is to make them.  All the basic materials can be found at the local craft store & you can add your own special touches with your favorite stash pretties.  I made my first one gingerbread-style for our holiday mantle and was hooked.
And since I love seeing lovely things all year long, I started making them for other seasons & holidays too.
So now that it is spring, it seemed the right time to make a spring-themed glitter cottage to celebrate some of the beauty of the season indoors.  Here's how you can make one too -

You'll Need:
- Small wooden or cardboard house/birdhouse (From Joann's was just $1)
- Acrylic craft paint (also from Joann's for about $1)
- Clear German Glass Glitter (I order mine online from Sugar Pink Boutique)
- Ribbons (textured & colorful work best, mine were also from Sugar Pink Boutique)
- Assorted pretty beads (I used inexpensive plastic ones from Michael's)
- Mod Podge
- Hot glue gun
- Foam brush, tweezers

First start with two coats of acrylic craft paint on the house.  I used grass green as the main part of the house & top, sky blue for the roof & base and white for the trim.  Give about 10 minutes to fully dry.
Next apply a very thin coat of Mod Podge, a section at a time (since it dries fast):
Sprinkle the glitter on until you get your desired level of sparkle and shake off the excess.  Any clear glitter will work, but German glass glitter gives a lovely, textured, "sugary" look you just can't get with plain craft store glitter.  Definitely adds that special something:

I added a border trim to the roof using yellow velvet ribbon.  I applied it with hot glue, doing one a side at a time so it was easily to get the placement on the edge just right.
I clipped two butterflies from some shaped ribbon and glue that on the center of the trim to cover where the ribbon ends meet on the front and back.  
I did the same with some pink puffed satin tulip ribbon to go along the bottom of each side for some garden accents.

Once all sides and roof are done & dry (about 10 minutes), I carefully applied the round blue beads around the opening with a hot glue gun, one dab at a time using tweezers.  
Then I used hot glue to individually add the shaped flower beads along the edge of the roof.  Since the glue comes up through the holes in the center of the beads, I used tweezers to add a seed bead to each one so it covers the hole and adds some extra detail.  
Now the glitter house is ready to add a little spring to the room!

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  1. I do love your little glitter houses :) I made a few houses out of glittered cardstock at Christmas, but this year I might give SugarPink a bit of my paycheck (I do love her shop!!!!)

  2. Oh my! These are adorable thanks for sharing. I'm a new GFC follower from a blog hop and would love if you followed me at

  3. Feel free too to check out my blog hop and add this cute project!

  4. wow this is adorable...must get over to joanne summer craft project

  5. Super cute.. I love all the details.. Thanks for linking up at friday fun party. :)

  6. you can never go wrong with a bit of glitter, giggle. Love these houses! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop Big Hugs xo

  7. I'm in love with your spring glitter cottage I just can't take all of the cuteness! You're so creative and think of things I never would have thought of! Thank you so much for mentioning my shop for supplies you're a sweetheart! Love and hugs, Jennifer

  8. Oh my goodness how cute ! I will have to give this a try :)

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