Thursday, July 14, 2011

CraftShare Special Guest: Mod Podge Wine Board

Today we've got another great Mod Podge tutorial from a special CraftShare guest.  Let's welcome Stacey & check out this cool project!

Hi, there Sew Can Do readers! I'm Stacey, popping over here at Craft Share from Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! I am wife to an overseas, government employee and mom to three boys, ages 5, 2 1/2, and 1 years old. Which means no matter where we're living, my life is full of spice. And noise. And dirt.
Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!
My crafting/sewing corner is where I go to find a bit of sanity.  Besides the usual ranting and raving about raising three boys and living in foreign countries, I mostly blog about my experiments in crafting and sewing.   Okay, get your Mod Podge ready!

If you enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, but are like me and tend to forget which wines you've enjoyed along the way (I'll blame this on post pregnancy brain instead of the wine), you may want to start saving them to custom decoupage a wine label memo board.

Here's what you'll need:

- picture frame minus glass (I used a 11 X 14 inch wooden frame which I spray painted black)
- wine labels- I used 15 labels 
- Mod Podge
- piece of cork board (I found mine at the local hardware store)
- twine and scissors
- 5 wine corks 
- glue gun

Step 1:  Cut cork board to your frame measurements.  Mod Podge the wine labels to the cork board.  I recommend laying out your arrangement before starting to adhere, this way you can plan where you want the labels to overlap.  **Warning**  apply more Mod Podge under the labels than you think is necessary.  The cork will suck up a lot of it.  I applied two top coats but if you live in a particularly humid place, you may want to seal the labels with a clear acrylic sealer.

Step 2:  Once dry, cut six pieces of twine eye balling your measurements for each piece to lay on the diagonal.  Three will go diagonally in one direction and three diagonally in the other (see pictures below).

Hot glue each piece of twine on both ends, allowing one side to "set" before pulling taunt and gluing the other side.

Step 3:  Make one 1/4 inch line on the edge of each wine cork, pieces that have been wine dyed on the end or stamped will give your board the most character.  Then cut through using a serated knife to form 5 circular pieces.

Step 4:  Hot glue each piece onto the board at the places the twine overlaps but will not be under the frame.

Allow the glue to set, insert into your frame, and hang.

Because your decoupage area is cork, this can be used both by sliding photos and notes under the twine or by pinning the items up using thumb tacks.

Thanks so much for allowing me share today!

Stacey, thanks for sharing such a great Mod Podge project with us:)  Love Mod Podge?  Tell us what you use it for below and share some crafting ideas of your own!


  1. Toujours de très bonnes idées... et en plus, on a les explications !
    Du bon travail!

  2. Yeah for Mod Podge! Thanks for including my project, Cheryl. Craft Share is the best! I love seeing all the great ideas shared in one place. Thanks so much for hosting this great event.

  3. I think this projects looks fabulous - and thanks for the great tutorial


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