Monday, March 7, 2011

Craftastic Monday & A New Party!

Let's start this week's Craftastic Party with the launch of an ALL NEW LINK PARTY!  Don't worry - Craftastic Monday is still here.  Now there's a second party!!  There are lots of crafts to make for kids in the blogosphere.  But what about crafts the kids can actually make?  Fun stuff that they can create.  I see ideas all over the place and always mean to try them with my kids, but 90% of the time I forget where I saw it or decide it's not quite what we want and am back to square one.

That got me thinking...what about starting an ongoing party dedicated to crafts kids can do?  Everyone can link up at anytime and refer back to it to find more ideas.  All in one place.  Definitely more organized than the random "hope I remember this later" strategy.

I give you (insert trumpet sound here): KIDS CAN CRAFT LINK PARTY


This will be an ongoing party all year long, so you can link up ANYTIME.  There's now a permanent page at the top of the blog for it, so it's easy to find.  The only requirements are:
  • It must be a project kids can do, with kid-safe materials (so no hot glue guns, toxic paints, etc.)
  • Add the Kids Can Craft button to your post.  Then more people can find your links, add their own and keep the party going strong all year long.
So go ahead and start linking up your creations kids can craft.  It's more exposure for your great ideas and a great way to discover new ones too.  No special days, no crazy rules.  I'm kicking things off with a Kids Can Craft themed project later this week.

Now let's check out some of the cool things last week's Craftastic party had:

Look at this beautiful hobby horse by  Just click on the Google translate button on her sidebar to get the complete tutorial in English (or whatever language you want!):

Making The World Cuter shared this gorgeous wall art.  It's got me dreaming of spring:

Little Leprechauns Photo Decor by Pinkapotamus.  How cute is this?  My kids would love to be in one of these:

Musings Of A Glamour Puss made this incredible Millenium Falcon cake (that's the iconic ship of Han Solo for non-Star Wars fans).  The details are incredible:

OK.  Time for YOU to party!  Go ahead & link up your own creation and it might be chosen as a featured project for next week!  Here's how:

  • As long as it's crafty and made by you it's Craftastic.  Just add the link to your specific post (not the main page of your blog).
  • Grab my party button & put it on your post or blog.  The code's on the sidebar ->
  • Check out some of the other great links and share some crafty comment love.

I leave the party open until 11:59pmEST every Thursday, so there's plenty of time to add your newest creations.  Can't wait to see what you've got!


  1. It's my first time linking up! Thanks for hosting!

  2. OH!!! What a great idea for a link party!! I can't wait to have something to link up! Thanks for hosting this one too! :)

  3. Thanks for the feature Cheryl! Love ya!

  4. Thank you very much - I'm so happy!

  5. Hee hee, I knew you'd love that cake when I spotted it last week!

    I'm having HTML issues with your button this week for some reason, so it's on my party post as a downloaded image with a link. I hope that's okay.


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