Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Craftastic Monday Party!

Welcome to a holiday-edition of Craftastic Monday!  Before we get to the party, I've got a last minute Valentine's project that's easy, fast & cheap.  My Conversation Heart Lamp.  And it can be recycled for a totally new project later.  How's that  for keeping it festive with no effort?

You'll Need:
- Glass lamp or jar (if you want to use a candle)
- Red card stock
- Cricut Machine (or exacto knife & a little patience)
- Poster putty

First I grabbed this frosted Ikea lamp sitting in my basement collecting dust. I think it cost $5 a few yrs ago.  I used my Cricut & Sure Cuts A Lot software to make the hearts the perfect size and to cut the messages within them.  If you don't have a cutter machine, you could pencil draw & then cut out the shapes with an exacto, but using the Cricut meant it took about 5 seconds.

I carefully peeled the hearts and the floating bits of the letters (the center of the B's & O) off the mat and stuck them onto my lamp with little bits of poster putty.  Switch the lamp on & custom Valentine's Day decor is in full effect!

The best part is inside of tossing this into a growing pile of holiday themed projects that have to wait until this time next year, the hearts can be peeled off & the lamp is ready for something new.

Now let's have a look at a few cool projects from last week's party:

These cute Nilla wafer girls from Flexible Dreams:

Super cute Valentine Viking Stencil & Tutorial from Boy Oh, Boy Oh, Boy!:

This amazing stroller redo from Pink Calaveras.  The transformation will wow you!

If you've been featured, be sure to grab a Featured On button from the sidebar.  Want to be featured?  Go ahead & link up your own creation and it might be chosen as a featured project for next week!  Here's how:

  • As long as it's crafty and made by you it's Craftastic.  Just add the link to your specific post (not the main page of your blog).
  • Grab my party button & put it on your post or blog.  The code's on the sidebar ->
  • Check out some of the other great links and share some crafty comment love.

I'll now be leaving the party open until 11:59pmEST every Thursday, so there will be even more time to add your newest creations.  Can't wait to see what you've got!


  1. Thanks for hosting :) I'm loving that Lego head cake!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me! so glad you liked it!

  3. Thanks for hosting, I am a new follower! I linked up my "Sophie's Dreams" quilt, would love for people to pop over to my blog and say hi :-)

  4. Hi, Cheryl! Thanks as always for having us over. Now I'm off to check out some links!

  5. Hello! Just wanted to say i love your blog! I found it via :o)

  6. thanks for hosting! I love looking at what others have to share. They are so talented!

  7. Thanks so much for hosting! AND for the comment love <3 Thank you so much!!! Totally made my day :)


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