Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Organize It With Laminated Cotton

One of the many reasons I love laminated cotton is that while it's soft like regular cotton, it's got more strength, durability & form.  Like several layers of cotton mixed with stabilizer and then dipped in water-resistant magic.  Or something like that anyway.  Both of today's projects came from the how-to book Sew What: Bags by Lexie Barnes.  This is a great resource for learning how to make all kinds of cute & cool bags and organizers for both beginners & experts and most of them work great with laminated cotton.

The first item is this handy wall organizer. With pockets of varying sizes, it can hold all kinds of goodies and is super easy to just wipe clean to stay neat & tidy:

As mentioned in previous posts on using laminated cotton, there are 3 techniques for easily sewing laminated cotton and this one uses all of them:

1. Sewing with fabric right sides together (for the body)
2. Using double fold bias tape (along all the pocket edges)
3. Sewing with tissue paper on (for the topstitching)

To add a little extra style, I used different prints fabric for the body & pockets.  The back was a big floral and the pockets were all a cute stripe.  Both were from the new Sunny Daze collection by Timeless Treasures so the colors were perfect.

My next project was this drawstring backpack.  My little guy loves backpacks, but they tend to get dirty fast as he brushes up against stuff while wearing them.  Using laminated cotton made that a thing of the past:

Adding a cute pocket with bias tape around the edges was simple to sew & give some nice detailing.

Oh, laminated cotton.  Is there anything you CAN'T do?  Come on back tomorrow for a free tutorial for making a stylish wallet using laminated cotton. I've been loving mine and can't wait to share how you can make your own.  Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY for the Mommy & Me Apron Pattern.  Click HERE to enter!

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  1. Sweet backpack, great job matching the fabric.

  2. Both the organizer and the backpack are sweet, Cheryl! Love that fabric too, it's so bright and colourful!

  3. I love that organizer. What a great project!


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