Thursday, July 8, 2010

Smarter Not Harder - Repurposing Projects & Calling For Crafters!

I love making crafty projects, but sometimes the ratio of time spent to use it gets can be pretty lopsided.  This is where chalkboard paint is brilliant.  By using chalkboard paint on a couple of terra cotta pots, I've been able to reuse them over & over for loads of stuff.  I originally made these pots for a St. Patrick's Day decoration:

I set aside the coins & pipe cleaners for next year and grabbed a couple of cheap flags & $1.00 bin ribbons and pinned them into the florist foam I'd had inside & jotted down a quick holiday message:

What else can you do with the same pots?

- Draw on some cute shapes colored chalk and beautifully arrange plop in some pretty silk flowers
- Toss in some herb plants and write their names on the pots
- Store your bits & bobs of crafting stuff like thread, ribbon, scissors or paper tools in them & fake looking organized
- Have the kids decorate them for birthdays, holidays or when you just need to distract them with a non-disaster-causing art project in order to get 5 minutes of quiet that can be cleaned up in 2 seconds with a wet sponge

There are endless options, so these really are the ultimate easy, cheap & recycled craft project.  I really wanted to mock a few of those other ideas up for you, but ran out of time (we're currently on a family vacation, so the blog had to get to the back of the priority line this week).

On that note, it being summer & with free time ebbing and flowing for a lot of us part-time crafters, my CraftShare guest list has grown in some topics (yay!), but shrunk in others (boo!).  The "crazy crafter" in me would love to try to dream up some last minute projects to fill in the gaps, but my time plate already has enough portion control issues without tossing on a few more helpings, sooooooo....I'm putting out an APB to all of you:

I'm looking for a few good Crafters who want to share Liquid Starch + Fabric or Felt Craft projects as featured guests for CraftShare here on Sew Can Do.  

Just to clarify - it doesn't have to be something you've just made or that you have to make it exclusively for CraftShare, it just has to fit either of the themes mentioned above and share some info on how you made it (a tutorial would be ideal, but even just a few tips is ok!).   I've got a mix of old & new projects on these topics I'll be showing myself, so a fun project made a year ago is just as welcome as something made yesterday.  Show us what you've done so we can bask in your craftastic aura!  Email me asap if you've got something you want to share, since these topics are fast approaching.  I'd really love to add a few more crafty bloggers to the lineup!


  1. Love the chalkboard pots, very versatile!

    Also, I just emailed you - I might be able to get involved with a felt craft for craftshare..

  2. Very cute! GREAT SITE!! I can't wait to explore more!! I am your newest FRIDAY follower!

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