Friday, May 7, 2010

Creating Communion Cupcakes

This weekend is my oldest's first communion, which is kind of a big deal if you're Catholic.   Of course, I waited until the last minute to do most of the prep work.  Running around getting photos taken, cleaning my house, getting his first dress shirt & suit (yes, I may be crafty, but no I'm not crazy enough to try to make those) and last minute keepsake shopping has worn me out big time this week.  So has my ultra clingy 8 month old who refuses to do anything without being glued to her mother.  My husband is calling her Barney these days, since she's like a barnacle that won't let go.   It's a good thing she's cuter than real barnacles or we'd be at the shipyard stat.  Yet despite those challenges I wanted to at least make the dessert for my guy's special day.   So I'm pretty proud to have knocked these babies out in time considering the craziness around me.

I used plain old cake mix & canned frosting, but got a little fancy on the decorating.  I used a ziploc bag with a corner cut to make the swirly ones and dusted them with edible glitter:

For the blue ones I used modeling chocolate to make a smooth surface and edible pearls to make some crosses on some.  For the others I got a religious medallion molds at an awesome local baking supply store and made them with white chocolate melts and stuck them on top:

Tasty & finished during naptime, so we should be set on the treat front.  Now if only a cleaning lady & a dressy outfit and shoes for me would just show up at the door, I'd be 100% ready.


  1. I don't believe you whipped these up at the last minute - they look professionally made! Nice job! Stopping by from New Friday Friday :)

  2. Cheryl,

    They are superb!!

    I wish I had something as pretty for my Holy Communion! :)

    They DO look professional! You should do more and share them with us! :)

    Love and Have a great Mother's Day!

  3. your cupcakes are gorgeous...and I'll bet they taste as good :D
    just blog hopping and visiting ~
    Happy Mothers Day!!

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous! I'm saving the link! (I think I'm finished with first communion posts until next year) You should link these up at Joyfilled Family's first communion party! Here's the link if you're interested:

  5. You must be a great pastry maker, the cupcakes are absolutely delicious and cute! You've made them so wonderful!


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