Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Birthday & Getting The Kids Green

Happy Earth Day everyone!  This day is twice as fun for me since our family loves trying to be "green"  (hence the eco-friendly store owning thing) and because it's on my birthday, so it's a very festive day all around.  As a result, this week's homeschool plans have been pretty fun.

The history of how Earth Day began is pretty interesting, so I have some books on that, ideas for eco-kid's crafts & stuff kids can do to be green.  I got the My Bag & Me board book last year and it is ideal for getting kids into saving the planet at a young age.  It even comes with a cute little bag they can use.  Unfortunately my kids always pick items that are way too large for said bag, so....

Using stuff from my stash & scrap bin, I had the guys pick out doodads to help make their very own reusable shopping bags.  Twill fabric is nice and strong & cut up bits of scraps and some patches add the eco-flair.  They already tell the checkout person we brought bags when we're shopping, but now they can tote these around themselves (and maybe get trained to carry stuff to & from the car for Mom.....).

We planted organic seeds for our herb & veggie garden in the backyard and started getting our scraps out to the compost bin.

I also grabbed these fun activities for the kids to do.  There are a lot of great Earth Day activities at Enchanted Learning. This site makes it so easy to throw together a theme filled week in minutes, it's one of my favorites for our school materials.  The cute activity book is a free download from the EPA that you can find here.  The Green Living section in the left column of my blog has loads of links to good, green stuff.  Have a great day celebrating the planet!


  1. Happy Birthday! And cool... thanks for sharing the ideas & links. We will be trying a few of those tomorrow.

  2. Love all the ideas. What lucky kids you have. Have a great Birthday!!

  3. Great ideas

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  4. yay, I'm so excited to see you've traded sewing for sowing :o)


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