Thursday, March 25, 2010

Felt House Along: The Revealed House!

My Shop Around Felt Playhouse is done! Yay!! My kids have tried it out and I'm happy to say it's a hit.  They love having their names on the "shops" & have spent more time playing in and out of it than anything else lately.  Definitely worth the time & effort spent.  Here's a little tour:

The Market has the front door (complete with reversible Open/Closed sign), a removable shopping bag and pickable fruits, veggies & flowers.  I made all the produce from felt & fleece (the flowers were courtesy of the dollar section at Target).

The Ice Cream Shop has a removable "cooler" filled with felt ice cream cones & popsicles that can be served through the window.  Who ordered the chocolate?

The Post Office has a mail bag (complete with removable addressed letters), velcro-on stamps and letter box.

A busy little postman on the job:

The Bank Drive-Thru has a teller window with roller shade, deposit slot and ATM.  Someone's looking to make a withdrawl:

The money man sharing the wealth:

And a little happiness:

I've appreciated all the encouraging comments over the past few weeks as it's come together and have been incredibly flattered that some people have been inspired to make their own Shop Around Playhouse based on my playhouse plan.  I've enjoyed sharing how I made it and I would LOVE to see how any of them turn out!   Obviously my design is for personal use, not for resale (playing in it yourselves is the best part anyway!).   I'm really glad Fawnda over at Fireflies & Jellybeans came up with the idea to do a felt house along each week - it made a large project a lot more manageable, so a big thanks to her for the encouragement, now off to do a little shopping;)


  1. I am visiting from New Friend Friday...I love you little playhouse...sure beats sheets over chairs that my boys play under when little. Hope you come stop by my blog when you get a minute...see ya soon.

  2. Too cute! Also visiting from New Friend Friday....

  3. Oh this is the most creative idea I have seen with felt. Great job. It was a true inspiration.

  4. That is so cute. I love it. I wish I had time to make one for my kids. I know they would enjoy it.

  5. Wow. It is really adorable Cheryl! You did a great job! Your kids are so cute. I love it!

  6. That playhouse is REALLY cute! I love that you did different places on each side. A great way to really stretch the budget! Found you on Friday Follow, but I'm on New Friend Friday too! I'll be back again soon.


  7. Cheryl,
    You totally outdid yourself! I lov it! I bet your kids are going love love love playing in it! I am so glad that you found the felt house along helpful! Great job!

  8. These are just DARLING!! I love it! Stopping by from Friday Follow. Cute blog. Looking forward to seeing more fun stuff ;) Oh, and now I am a follower too!

  9. New Follow from Follow Friday...have a great weekend!

  10. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E! great job! I hopped over from New Friend Friday and am so happy that I did. Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place one day this week! until later...

  11. What a fun project! I love how it turned out and how you can do so many fun things with it. I am a new friend from Creative Girl.

  12. Oh my, I saw some of your posts along the way, but the finished house is amazing!
    This would be such a great idea for teachers too - I know I want one for my classroom!

  13. i love the sewing blog!
    i'm your newest follower! via friday follow
    follow back!
    loves! ashley

  14. This is spectacular. I love how it turned out. Im almost done my felt house and now Im inspired to make another shop around house like this. Man I need a bigger house...hahah. I went to Michaels and also bought some of that printer fabric with my forty off coupon. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

  15. I covet your playhouse making skills! :)

    My girls would adore this- but may be getting too old? Very, Very, Very A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!

  16. Stopping by from New Friend Friday! I love this! You have new friend! I am following!

  17. Hi! I'm here from Follow Friday. I know I am just one of your many followers but let me say this:

    1) You are incredibly creative!
    2) Your love for your family is inspiring.
    3) That felt house is awesome! I was planning on making a fabric one with just house sides...but that is such a cool learning idea!
    and 4) You spell our name correctly! {It's my middle name.}

    So happy to meet you!

  18. Awesome Thanks

    Here from FF running behind this week

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  19. That is completely AWESOME.

    Following from Friday Follow!! Better late than never, right? :) Come visit us and follow us as well! :) We have a Friday Follow giveaway going on until Sunday.

  20. Hi, I hope you're having a great weekend.

    What a great felt house! Wow.

    I'm enjoying my morning coffee and catching up on some great blogs - I'm a Friday, er, Sunday follower. Nice to meet you.

    Stop by and I hope you'll follow me back-


  21. Love your crafts! I am your newest follower from Friday Follow!

  22. I know I said it before, but I absolutely LOVE this! I think my 5 yo son would love it too!

  23. Wow, this is probably one of the cutest things I have seen. What a great way for kids to express themselves through dramatic play. Love your creativity!

  24. SOOOOO CUTE! Love it! I can't wait to make one myself!

  25. oh that is fab! Love it! I just have to follow you ;)

    One day i'll get around to making one .....

    take care and Happy Sewing

    Dolly Donations: Sending Love, 1 Dolly at a Time!

  26. I just saw your no sew playhouse on Dollar Store Crafts and I love it! You have such great ideas! Thanks for sharing, I am now following your blog.

  27. I will be featuring both of your felt houses tomorrow at Http:// Thanks for the fabulous idea!

  28. I so have to make this to go along with our bookshelf playkitchen!

  29. Love your ideas on the play house. Very creative. Something the kids will remember their lifetime. Make sure to pack it away for the grandkids. lol

    1. Thanks so much:) It's now 2 years later and they still love it - here's hoping one day the grandkids will too!


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