Saturday, February 20, 2010

Felt House Along Week 1: Here's The Plan

I've seen so many awesome card table felt houses recently, it's really tempted me to make one.  And we have an old, kind-of-yuck looking card table that has been crying out "please cover my shame".  Then Fawnda over at Fireflies & Jellybeans tipped the scales by showing the cute one she made for her son and offering to host a Felt-House-Along.  Needless to say, I was totally on board the second she thought of that.

So here I am at week 1:  The Plan.  I decided if I was going to spend the time & money on something this big, those kids of mine better play with it.  For more than 5 seconds too.  So making each side interactive & good for loads of pretending themes was key.  Each side is a different shopping experience:  Market, Post Office, Bank & Ice Cream Parlor.
The market side will have (in theory) a door flap, removable basket and bins with fruits & veggies and flower pot.

The bank side will have an open window with roller shade, drop box for deposits and an ATM ('cause everyone needs to get money, am I right?)

The post office side will have a working mail box, bin with removable mail and stamps with velcro to attach to the letters.

The ice cream parlor side will have a window with shutters, a menu board and a cooler with ice cream scoops & cones that can be interchanged with velcro.
My table is 35"x35" and 29" high, so these are my guesstimates on what I need:

1 yd brown felt               1/2yd green felt
1 1/4 yd light blue felt    1yd light pink felt
1/2yd dark blue felt        1/4yd hot pink felt
1/2yd white felt              1yd tan felt
1yd cream felt
1-2yds velcro
1/2 bag filling
Misc beads, embellishments, anything that would look decorative & fun

So now I need to get all my gear and get started!  Fawnda's got some great reference ideas & links to other cool houses (including her own) for anyone who's looking to give making one a try.  It's going to be fun sharing the experience as it goes and seeing what others come up with too.  Come on & join in!


  1. Lol, I know what you mean about the kids playing with it. Seems like a lot of fun, can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. That is a really great idea, I don't know if I could participate now because I probably wouldn't even be able to buy everything needed before baby comes but it is one of those ideas I will for sure want to save!

  3. That looks like so much fun! I know your kiddos are going to love it! Great ideas! : )

  4. I can't wait to see the final product!

    I'm following you from Friday Follow!

  5. Its Cheri from Its So Very Cheri and m blog moved to its own site this past weekend and I need everyone to come over to the new site to Re-sign up to follow me or they won't get updates. The address is the same just leave out the blogspot.

    itssoverycheri (dot) c o m

  6. I love your plans and am joining in and following your plans, hope you don't mind, I did note on my blog that I am using your plans because they are so cool!

  7. can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm definitely going to make a play house for my kid...I love how you have 4 different "scenarios". !

  8. I LOVE your plan! So cute! I can't wait to see how it comes together!

  9. Hi-I just finished mine, You will be so proud when you see their little faces light up! Great plan, cant wait to see it completed!

  10. Yes, I'm in!!! I saw this on Jill's website and then looked at yours and saw that you were doing a Felt House along. I thought "perfect"!! It looked overwhelming and I was deciding if I was going to do this or not. Now that its broken down into steps I have decided I will do this. I am hoping to give it to my kids for Easter. Hopefully I will be done in time. My only problem is that I will have to order everything. The closest fabric/craft store is about 45 min. away.
    I have never commented, but I have followed your blog for quite some time. I really enjoy it and am in awe at how you have time to sew/craft with 3 little ones running around. I have 4 and homeschool them. They range in age from 8 years old to 2.5 years old. My sew/craft time is after their bedtime and after all of my chores are done.

  11. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!

    Julie, I'm so thrilled you're joining in. Fawnda at Fireflies & Jellybeans came up with the Felthouse-A-Long idea, so it got me motivated to start rolling. I'll have my next step up soon!

  12. Awesome!! Thanks-I was looking for instructions like these-LOVE the idea about putting a few on each side!!!

  13. Awesome!! Thanks-I was looking for instructions like these-LOVE the idea about putting a few on each side!!!


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