Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stocking It Up!

My two boys both have cute snowman stockings that my mom got them for their first Christmases. I decided I'd make one for Serena's first Christmas using stuff I had here at home. I used some fleece scraps to make the stocking itself & the snowman.

For the details I used bits of scrap fabric to make her a cute scarf & bow and some left over beads from when I made last year's I Spy bags for some 3-d snowflakes & for the buttons and eyes. I really wanted to personalize it, but didn't think puff paint or iron-on letters would have the right look so I hand embroidered her name on after I wrote it on with my fabric marker. It was fairly fast to do and a heck of a lot cheaper than paying for an embroidered stocking.

I also decided to make a few smaller ones out of some organic cotton sweatshirt fabric and add on some "go green" themed patches for our eco-friendly store. I attached the hanging loops with my handy-dandy snap machine, so the loops can snap open to make them easy to hang just about anywhere. I almost hope they don't sell so I can use them myself!


  1. that's lovely - you have a very special first christmas as a family of 5 to look forward too :o)

  2. That stocking is too cute! You are so talented :).


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