Monday, November 23, 2009

Something Old, Something New

This weekend was my little guy's 4th birthday and I have to say he got some really great stuff. He's a big fan of pretending, so he scored some awesome figurines from Grandma P & his aunt: the characters from the movie Up & the Smurfs. He also got the Up dvd so we refreshed on the story (and what everyone's name was - totally forgot the crazy bird is a girl called Kevin). I love how the old favorites from my youth like the Smurfs are making a comeback & seeing how much my kids enjoy them too. I'm thinking about making some sort of fun case for him to keep them all in. He also got a guitar from Grandma M which he's very excited about. His older brother got one for his b-day last month and we had to hide it because Declan wouldn't leave it alone. He made up a song yesterday which included the words "can everybody get down?". This was a follow up to his previous "Cheesy, cheesy hot dogs, guitar" song. This is the kind of stuff he does on a daily basis, so he's definitely the creative type. Quote of the day was "How do I look Daddy? Stupendous?". I just love this funny, little guy.

On a separate, but gift-related note I'm kind of in gift limbo with the holidays coming. Last year I went for a homemade Christmas for everyone on our list and I enjoyed making something special for each person. I thought the items turned out pretty well, it was easier on the budget & I really liked how my own kids didn't seem to notice that there wasn't a load of store bought stuff from us under the tree. Kind of made "the holidays aren't about getting stuff" a reality. With a small baby in tow this year my time is a bit more limited and many relatives have started sending their want lists of specific items which are definitely not "makeable".

Part of what I love about you readers & all the blogs I read is the shared appreciation in making things & the time and care that goes into doing it. I really treasure when someone makes something for us, since I know they put their time & a bit of themselves into something one of a kind. I kind of wonder if there's a point to spending all my free moments pouring my heart & soul into something for someone who is probably going to be disappointed because it wasn't specifically what they asked for or from a store. I get why someone would feel that way, but it's still makes me a little sad. If you need ideas of what to get someone, a list is great, but it is a lot less fun when you're told specifically what to give. It's the thought that counts goes right out the window. I'd love to hear how other crafty people handle this - is it better to just buy what they've asked for?


  1. Cherly I LOVE your blog! As for the gifts I love that you took the time, thought and energy into being creative and making gifts. I think anyone would love the idea that someone would be thoughtful enough to to this. Except for kids maybe.... but they will too appreciate these gifts when they get older. :) Keep it up!

  2. i'm wanting to do handmade gifts this year -- but the thing that holds me back is that the recipients may look at me thinking, "uh...o-KAY" and would think it as handmade crap.

    i have to say though, that only after having a baby did i start appreciating the time and effort in handmade I guess you can say that i can see the point from both sides....still don't particularly know what to do about it

  3. The handmade gift issue is a dilema... The unfortunate reality is that there are some that just will never really appreciate a hand made gift. There are also certain times in life when a hand made gift won't be appreciated by the recipient - but give that recepient 10 years or so, and they will ooohh and ahhh over something you make. To save your own feelings (because, yes, it does hurt our feelings a bit if someone doesn't seem as excited about something we have put our time, energy, excitement, thought, and love into)I suggest you only put your heart and soul into a gift for someone if you know they are a person who will appreciate it. :-)


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