Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crafting Conundrum

Because of my crafting time deprivation after baby came home 9 weeks ago, whenever I've been graced with a little free time I've been sewing or dreaming up a new project to work on. Literally the second I've finished an item, the crafting crazy lady in me thinks "ok, what can I make now!?!". I know, I probably need help. I recently made a bunch of outfits for little lovely (since she's growing out of her clothes way to fast), but after finishing the last 2 on my list yesterday, I reached my crafting wall. I'm out of ideas to get excited about. It's pretty much a complete lack of motivation on everything though, since I also don't want to clean up or make dinner either. So I need something to jump start my mood - it's weird but having something I really want to work on totally motivates me to do my "chores", so a project would really help out the state of my house too.

I've seen loads of great creations on other blogs and I should probably start on some holiday gift items, but nothing is calling me to action yet. I'm hoping some fabric I've ordered and the huge Joann's sale this weekend will give me some inspiration. Sometimes just seeing some ribbon or a cute print is enough to get those wheels turning. Hopefully some good ideas will take hold. In the meantime I'll try to post some of my lovey's new wardrobe so there's a little fun stuff to see. And I promise there will be more than just baby clothes on here in the coming weeks!


  1. Good luck with your mojo! It is funny how that cute print or bit of trim can give you a kick start.

  2. if you're tired of making clothes how about one of these to brighten up the car or get ahead with those christmas gifts?


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