Monday, December 22, 2008

Homemade Christmas

Well I'm thrilled to say all my Christmas presents were finished as of last week and I decided to do a little photo journal before I wrapped them, since the recipients don't regularly read this blog (at least not this week I hope). Especially for a novice sewer like me, it felt ambitious to make so many things, but by spreading it out over the past couple months it has been non-stressful, which is ironic given how many years I was freaking out around now just buying stuff. Anyway, here's a little Christmas rundown:

Every year my adult sisters expect new pjs for Christmas, kind of a family tradition. So this year I whipped some up. One is a big on elephants, so I was thrilled to find some cute elephant flannel.

This set is for our nephew. After I made the robe, I added cuffs to match the monster pj pants.

PJ set for our niece with appliques made from remnants.

Of course, when my 6 yr old acted as a model for his cousin's robe, he said he wanted one, so I quickly knocked out one for each of my guys using my new fave fabrics. The penguins are the super lush, albeit messy to work with, ultra cuddle and the sweet pea is embellished fleece.

Little embroidered appliques are all over it which are super cute and make it look like I put in a lot more effort. Obviously I'm a sucker for anything sweet pea and it reminded me of our logo (since my store's name is Sweet Peas & Little Sprouts), so I was thrilled to find a reason to get it.

A nice fleece zip up for mom & some pj pants for dad.

Some bags for our moms.

Stocker stuffer fabric balls for our ball fanatics (great way to use remnants and does not require a store bought pattern!)

Of course the one item I'm most proud of I can't post because it's for my husband and he actually subscribes to my blog. That will go up after Christmas. Happy Holidays!


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