Friday, November 14, 2008

Wonderful World of Wall-E

In better late than never news, here's the Wall-E halloween costume I made for Ethan. He really wanted to be Wall-E and I wasn't about to pay $60 for the costume we saw in a catalog, so I dreamed up this little number with a box we had in the basement. Super cheap and just as effective. I slipcovered the box so we can reuse it for other costumes in the future. A little leftover scrap fabric & ribbon for the details, some puff paint and a paper party favor mask (which did double time with his Wall-e themed birthday a week before) and ta-da! We have Wall-E for roughly $6. It didn't take much time either, so I will definitely continue to make costumes in upcoming years rather than pay ten times that for something mass-produced. It was fun to make and although I am a little biased, I think this one looks more like Wall-E than the catalog one.


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