Sunday, October 5, 2008

Made Them Myself Fall Fashion Show!

I've been busy this past week, sewing, school, working on our store, so it's taken a while to get the pics together, but here they are! I decided to make myself a few Fall wardrobe additions to work on my sewing skills and get a couple of cute outfits pretty cheap.

I'd had my eye on a sweatsuit in a catalog for a while, but wasn't thrilled at paying $50 for it. Mainly the reason I liked it was it had a vibrant contrasting trim, but it would've required shortening and the shape was just plain. This sweatsuit was what I spent last weekend on instead of forking over for the other more blah one. The jacket was a bit complicated to make with the fitted-design (lots of small pieces, darts, hidden pockets) and I wasn't 100% in love with the vague instructions that came with the pattern (Simplicity 3640), but I'm pleased with how it turned all out. I love the pants because they are slim fitting and have a wide yoga-style waistband, so they look really stylish by themselves as opposed to the usual elastic waistbands. Last fall I'd paid a ridiculous amount for a pair like these at a mall store and these fit better! I used anti-pill fleece so it's cuddly and casual, but the shaped design makes it look a little more upmarket than most "track suits" out there. Much nicer than the one from the catalog. Would definitely do again (and even making a second one, would still be under $50 for both!).

The sleeveless top was part of the sweatsuit pattern and was a snap to do. I was really happy with the style & it's so flattering. I made another pair of the sweatsuit pants, but in chocolate velour and they're a perfect match to this top. I love when stuff mixes & matches with a lot, since I get in the habit of wearing the same comfortable items over & over when the weather is cold.

I made the dress this morning and I LOVE it! This was the pattern I almost gave up on with another knit fabric (Simplicity 2850), but this stretch knit was great to work with and is way better for chilly days, so I'm pleased to say this was worth giving a second try. My first foray into gathers at the front & sleeves and I love how that looks & how easy they were to do, so I'll do more items with those for sure. I picked this fabric because it was 55% off, I'd just gotten the grey mary janes (a steal at Target for $14.99) and they look so cute together. I think I have enough fabric left over to make another of those sleeveless tops and the colors would go great with the sweatsuit, so mission accomplished for mix-n-match versatility!

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  1. Those are AWESOME! Those turned out SO great! I can't even believe how much stuff you are're leaving me in the dust here. (:


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