Friday, September 5, 2008


After much procrastination, my blog is finally started thanks to some encouragement from my husband and some fun stuff I want share. Now that Fall is starting, I'm finally getting organized & excited about what I've got going - some sewing projects for fall, harvesting in our garden and getting going on our first year of full-time homeschool. So many great things to share - I can't wait!

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogs!

    Thank you for being so nice about my dollhouse tutorial. I hope that you don't mind my answering your questions here, but you didn't have an e-mail address on your profile page:

    1. How to handsew the roof to the sides-what stitch and how do you get in there with all the angles?
    I used a ladder stitch (I think it is called) to keep it invisible, with the odd stitch back to keep it secure. The plastic canvas is pretty flexible, so it was pretty easy to get in there. Most stitches would work, though - with a matching thread and small stitches, most stitches would be obscured by the padding.

    2. How to do make sure the hairband loops are sewn in secure-just sew over them when doing the side seam?
    That's how I did it. I did go into reverse and back so they were kept in place by more than one row of stitches, but that's because my kids can play a little rough sometimes. I used those really small hairbands.

    3. How do you attach the appliques on the outside? I usually applique with steam-a-seam or embroider them on, but obviously that can't be done if putting them on at the end.
    I just pinned them in place, then hand stitched carefully, making sure that the needle only went through the top layer of material (it's pretty easy to do this as the padding allows it some give). You could applique them first (that's what I did with the barn).

    I hope that helps. I'm not very good at explaining things, so let me know if I've been as clear as mud...


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