Monday, September 8, 2008

Can It!

I got going on my canning for the season and got my first batch done on Friday. Things went a lot faster this year since I had all the gear and didn't have to check a book every 2 seconds to make sure I was doing things right. I was a little disappointed we had so few tomatoes in our garden this year compared to last year when there were tons..but the season isn't over so I'm hoping to squeeze out a few more jars. Since hearing about BPA being in metal canned food, I've been avoiding buying them and really hope to rely on our own harvest as much as we can. I use tomatoes a lot during the winter months, so here's hoping our little plants keep going! I am pleased that the cucumbers and peppers did so well-we made several big jars of refrigerator pickles and jalapenos and still had enough to do all the ones in here using the water bath method. I used a kosher mix for those which smelled great so it'll be fun to taste those. It's pretty cool to think just using a few seeds from a $ .99 packet to grow these and with some jars reused from last year and a $1 or so for vinegar we made all this food. Organic, Frugal AND Fun!


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