Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Fall Porch Makeover for 2023

With summer coming to a close this week, it was time to get our front porch ready for fall, but I needed a change for 2023.  This was the set-up I'd done year after year and, besides the bits getting worn out, I was bored with the same old thing:

So we went from this (aka before):

To this (after):  Such an improvement!!

The best part is that is was so quick to pull it all together, I actually got my fall porch all decorated on time this year!

Back in the spring Our Tiny Nest linked up this gorgeous Easter door basket project: 

I fell in love with it and re-created my own (but never got around to doing a post about them).  The empty door baskets were a bit of a $ splurge for me, since I had to buy two, but I really loved how they looked.  I justified it by telling myself I'd re-use them for other seasons, so it was time to put my money where my mouth was for fall.

I made them over, autumn-style, for less price & effort than doing up entirely new wreaths:

I got this fall floral stem, mini pumpkin & buffalo check ribbon at Hobby Lobby - all on major sale to keep costs down:

I left the florist foam & faux greenery from my spring version in place, pulled out the bunnies & carrots and added my new items in.  I cut 49in lengths of ribbon and wrapped them around each basket.  I didn't want them to sag over time, so I attached a wire twist tie on the back for extra support.

I tied the ribbons in a double bow, fanned out the loops and curled the tails:

It's a really different look, but with minimal changes and is easy to dismantle and change up for the next season's version:

I got a big buffalo check cotton rug off Amazon and layered it with a new themed coir doormat:

I stacked my outdoor crate with a bale of straw, my trusty old foam pumpkins, potted some fresh mums, added a watering can with flowers and a new garden flag with a hint of the check print to tie it together:

It feels so good looking at our front doors and seeing things look festive and colorful.  Now I can start enjoying it and look forward to working on other fall projects!


  1. What a great makeover for your adorable baskets. Your whole proch looks beautiful.

  2. Your fall porch makeover is beautiful!
    Visiting today from Unlimited Linky 131 #13&14


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