Sunday, September 18, 2022

Craftastic Monday Link Party: Craft Time Horror Stories Edition

Oh boy, is this week's Craftastic Monday Link Party starting off with a bang!  In addition to linking up your latest & greatest craft projects, recipes, DIYs, etc. this week, I'm also inviting you to share any crafting disasters/horror stories in the comments.  It's in honor of my most recent crafting escapade & its horrific wrong turn:

On Sunday I sat down for the first time in a long one to do some sewing.  Everything this summer seemed to get in the way of my sewing time, but we'd finished our last big household job of painting our shed the day before.  Yay!  Finally working on a little fall outfit for my smallest child, and it felt so good.  Ahh.  My 4 yr old was even behaving by quietly playing nearby!  Everything was going great and I was just thinking to myself how much I'd missed this kind of time.  Then my 4yr old said "I see some paint dripping.".  He was referring to the shed's paint can that was on the floor in the corner of the room.  It had some dried drip marks on it.   I was planning to touch up our front door with it & since the room has a kiddie gate on the doorway it had seemed like a safe place to keep it since the gate is always closed when my 2yr old is loose.  I told him "Those drips are dry, but just don't touch it."...mere moments later, he knocked the paint can over.  The lid popped right off and half a gallon of paint poured out.  Right in front of my storage closet, where it seeped under the door into the messiest stack of stuff I've been avoiding sorting out.  

I yelled for backup and my teens bucket-brigaded the entire contents out overhead while my husband sat on the floor scooping paint up with a dustpan.  I ran through an entire package of baby wipes and garage rags trying to remove paint from the wooden door, grout and a bunch of canvas bins full of yarn, card stock, trays (and everything else I almost never use/had forgotten about).  The good news is we were able to get most of it off, apart from the bottoms of some canvas containers.  The not-so-great news is my family room looks like a garage sale threw up in it while I try to get everything contained again - and I have to use nap time/any free moments available on that so I can keep two nosy toddlers out (before they find a part 2 mess to make).  Needless to say, the sewing has taken a back seat.  Again.  Sigh.    

Have you had a craft-related mishap like this or had a project end in disaster?  Share it in the comments below!  It does feel better when you know you're not the only one these kinds of things happen to and it makes for entertaining stories later on....most of the time;)
Here are this week's Craftastic Picks:

Artsy Fartsy Mama shared her free cut file for making this cute bat-themed shirt:

Life As An LEO Wife turned a bunch of dollar store supplies into this charming fall lantern:

She's Crafty created these faux terra cotta pumpkins from, would you believe it, styrofoam?!?  This kind of non-breakable decor is a must in my house these days (see story above for proof):

Must Have Mom did this cute diy yarn pumpkin craft that looks like a lot of fun to do with the kids:

Big Green House shared how to make apple pie pastry cups, which is ideal timing since we just went apple picking (and there were loads of other great apple recipes linked last week too):

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  1. Oh no Cheryl! I can just see the chaos now. I'm the world's biggest klutz, so much so that my family ironically called me Grace Kelly when I was growing up. So I can definitely sympathize with your mess lol. I'm so glad that you were able to get most of it up! Two weeks ago my pumpkin entryway sign & keyholder project went so wrong. I accidentally cracked the MDF sign just as I was almost done with the entire thing. I used a staple gun to attach the wood beads strung on twine that was going to attach the top and bottom halves of the sign. I thought it would be perfectly fine because staples were what was originally holding it together. Nope! The horrible thing was it was almost 7 and the project was for a blog hop going live at 5am. My husband stopped at Dollar Tree, and they didn't have the sign I needed, so it was back to the drawing board. I thought I could pry the wood "welcome" off the pumpkin and just attach everything to one of the $1.25 pumpkins they had in stock. I sliced and stabbed myself 3 good times, one really deep time which got infected, and managed to somehow get a few more scratches. As I had one section up it cracked a little, but okay, I could glue and paint over it. I went to the other side, another small crack, no biggie, you couldn't really see it. After 2 hours of trying to pry this wood word off, at 10 pm, the entire thing busted. Nope, couldn't glue that together. So I had to scrap the whole thing and just cut a vinyl "welcome," and design a whole new sign. It didn't look as good, but it worked. I finally got the entire thing finished and the post written in time for it to go live. How much room did I have to spare- an hour lol! I finally got to bed at 4 and I can't just fall asleep, it takes me at least an hour every night. When my husband's alarm went off at 5:30 I think I might have just fallen asleep. That or I was lucid dreaming. (It's the only fun thing I can do in regard to sleeping. Most people can fall asleep in a few minutes, not me. But- I can direct my dreams, so that kinda makes up for it? I don't know, the jury's still out on that one.) My most recent craft horror is not as good as yours, but it's the latest in my line of klutz-ery, haha! I hope you have a great week and are able to put everything back in its home soon!

    1. Wow, Niki - I've had those sorts of projects too! And your poor hands!! All the behind the scenes work to make it look effortless, right? I did see your 11th hour sign and it still looks amazing. Pat yourself on the back for pulling things out of the fire with your last minute ingenuity!!

  2. Wow, I did art/craft shows for YEARS over 35...and this was the age of the HUGE shopping Mall shows. Getting in and out was a nightmare, and I had pottery packed in wooden apple crates that were use also used to set up the display---of course oodles of paper and wrapping which I would move out. HORROR---I had a shed not a garage to keep my finished pottery in...and of course soon as temps got cold in Chicago---critters moved in. So I'm in a premier spot on the center of this huge mall---and unloading my larger pots, one was on it's side and out scampered an entire family of mice across the marble floors....thankfully no one saw--
    But I started keeping mothballs in the shed---after that. And looking inside everything before unpacking...! Thankfully we built a garage not long after that. Hopefully no one ever got a mouse in a pot!

    1. Oh my gosh Sandi - my heart would be racing after that experience! It happens though, since you have to use the limited space you've got when you run a small business and the challenges do not quit. Glad you got a garage to put things in and prayers that no one got a surprise pet before then;)

  3. Thank you for the party and feature Cheryl!

    1. You're welcome Erin & thanks for linking up great ideas!

  4. Yikes! Bad in the moment, but now you have a story to share. Best wishes!


    1. Thanks Alexandra & that's exactly how I'm looking at it now. At least it pushed me to fit through my stash of stuff, right?


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