Thursday, January 23, 2020

Sewing Play Clothes For Active Toddlers

It's feel like forever since I had new projects to share.  The holidays, being sick for weeks and the tail end of a tiring pregnancy had zapped me of most sewing interest, energy & time.  Luckily nesting mode has kicked in and I'm finally finishing sewing projects that have been sitting partially done for way too long.

First up: Comfy Play Clothes for Toddlers.  My little guy is edging towards 2 and with it his baby ways are ending and he's become a super active boy.  Climbing, running and growing like a weed.  

It means when I sew up clothes I need them to be able to take a beating and fit for a good long time - easy to put on & take off and, of course, worth the time it takes to make them (translation: non-frustrating and thrifty).  Enter these lovelies:

This pull on raglan top and jogger pant are made from patterns in the book Kwik Sew's Sewing for Toddlers by Kerstin Martensson.  It's an oldie (1992), but a goodie.  I bought my copy a few years ago, and you can get a used one for around $10 online with a quick internet search.  It's a real find if you like having access to a lot of patterns and learning how to do lots of variations to add even more looks.  Buying the same basic patterns separately would cost way more and not give nearly as many bonus options.

Don't let the dated cover of the book scare you away!  It's an early 90s publication, so the fabrics and styling of photos are super cringe-y.  Most of the designs have a slouchy design, but not only is that ideal with toddlers for fit, but when paired with the right fabrics, they totally have a modern European look:

The instructions are really straightforward and full size, pull-out, traceable patterns are included for 4 toddler sizes - in all the separates a little person could need: sweats, shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, rompers, overalls, skirts & dresses.  There are also lots of ways to do them with various closures, lengths, necklines and styles - even color blocking & appliqués.  This raglan top features a pullover rib knit neckband and cuffs, so very beginner friendly.

The jogger pant features an elastic waistband and also has fold over cuffs so there's extra growth room:

I got this fun sloth print interlock knit fabric at Jo-Ann Stores.  It was pretty inexpensive on sale and a single $7.99 yard made both pieces so it was cheaper than buying a store made outfit, which always justifies making clothes in my mind.

I made a second set with this other knit fabric (also Jo-Ann's),  with this cute dragon/castle/knights motif.

Everything can be sewn up on a regular sewing machine or serger, which is handy.

I used the bib overalls pattern from the book to make this cute outfit for Christmas too:

The sizing is also nice & true, so the fit is ideal and gives plenty of room.  I made the T1 size for my guy which translates to about 18-24 months.  

I'd cut out both sets back when he was 18 months, but only finished one.  Now 4 months later, the fit is still great for both outfits so I'm confident he'll be able to wear it through to spring:

The real challenge is taking actual photos of him wearing things I've made.  These days he's usually just a blur of movement and my giant baby bump prevents chasing after him with the camera.  Thankfully, in these outfits he can stretch out & live large, which he loves.  And it makes it easier for me to take a few lounging pics:

I'm definitely going to make some more things from this book for him this spring & summer and love that we won't size out for several more years.  Added bonus, when the next baby is a toddler I'll get even more use out of it!


  1. all of them are super duper cute! and the model is adorable <3

    1. Thanks so much! They were pretty fun to make too and seeing him enjoying them reminds me it's worth doing.

  2. Oh my GOODNESS! Those sloth jammies are too cute for words! I'm going to need those in an adult size, lol!! Precious!


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