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Beachy Keen Bunting Bag Tutorial & Fabric Giveaway!

Make a fun summer bag that works as well for the beach, vacations or anytime with my Beachy Keen Bunting Bag Tutorial! 

Plus, have a chance to win this big bunch of fabric to make your own bag in my 
Red, White & Blue Fabric Giveaway!

I designed this project for my summer contribution as a Team Timeless designer.  Now I'm sharing it here too.  Using these adorable fabrics from the new Whale Hello! collection, sweet sea creatures are peeking out behind colorful bunting panels:

The vibrant triangles are done in a technique that makes a fabric layer above the nautical prints.  It gives the bag a fun dimensional look.  

Sweet stripes accent the sides:

While dainty polka dots round out the roomy interior:

Finished bag size: 16" w x 11.5" h x 5.5" d

Seam allowance is one quarter inch unless noted otherwise.


- (8) 1/4yd cuts of coordinating cotton fabrics (I used Gail-C7263-WaterGail-C7262-WhiteGail-C7267-BlueGail-C7264-SandMix-C7200-RedMix-C7200-SunMix-C7200-PoolMix-C7200-Blue)
- 1/2yd for outer sides & straps (I used Stripe-C8109-Red)
- 3/4yd for lining (I used Dot-C1820-Cherry)
- 2yds medium weight fusible stabilizer
Yard stick, shears, iron, disappearing marker/chalk, pins, hand sewing needle

To keep things simple, we'll start with cutting & assembling the bunting panels first. 

From the following A fabrics cut:
(1) Gail-C7267-Blue 16.5 inch wide by 2.5 inch high piece
(1) Gail-C7264-Sand 16.5 inch wide by 2.5 inch high piece
(1) Mix-C7200-Red 16.5 inch wide by 4.5 inch high piece
(1) Mix-C7200-Pool 16.5 inch wide by 4.5 inch high piece

From B (bunting) fabrics cut:
(1) Gail-C7263-Water 16.5 inch wide by 4.5 inch high pieces
(1) Gail-C7262-White 16.5 inch wide by 4.5 inch high pieces
(1) Mix-C7200-Blue 16.5 inch wide by 8.5 inch high pieces
(1) Mix-C7200-Sun 16.5 inch wide by 8.5 inch high pieces

Step 1: With wrong sides facing, fold Fabric B strips in half and press along fold. Place pieces over corresponding Fabric A pieces, lining up the raw edges at the top. Pin and stitch layers together one-eighth of an inch from raw edges. Repeat this pairing with all other pieces. A quarter of an inch of Fabric A should peek out at the bottom of each panel: 

Step 2: With right sides facing, pin together the lower edge of one panel to the top edge of another, being careful to keep the folded pieces from being pinned. Stitch together and press seams flat. 

Continue until all panels are attached to make the Main bag piece.  Repeat for other Main side.

Step 3: Starting one quarter inch inward from the left side on the larger panels, use a ruler and chalk/disappearing marker to mark cut lines 4 inches apart. Mark the lower panel so the cut lines are 2 inches from either line in the panel above it. Repeat this same pattern with the smaller panels, marking lines that are 2 inches apart instead of 4.

Step 4: Cut along all lines except for those one quarter inch from the outer sides (those are to mark the seam allowance).

Step 5: Fold the square sections under so the come to a point at the folded edge and press into place. Trim any excess fabric, if necessary to help the triangles to lie flat.

Step 6: Repeat with all square sections and pin in place. 

Top stitch along triangle edges.  Set completed bunting panels aside and let's begin on the rest of the bag and lining.

Bag Assembly:

From Fabric A (Lining Dot-C1820-Cherry) cut:
(1) 16.5 inch wide by 6 inch high Bottom piece 
(2) 6 inch wide by 12 inch high Side pieces
(2) 16.5 inch wide by 12 inch high Main pieces

From Fabric B (Outer Stripe-C8109-Red) cut:
(2) 6 inch wide by 12 inch high Side pieces
(1) 16.5 inch wide by 6 inches high Bottom piece 
(4) 4 inch wide by 18 inch high Strap pieces

From Fusible Stabilizer cut:
(1) 16.5 inch wide by 6 inch high Bottom piece 
(2) 6 inch wide by 12 inch high Side pieces
(2) 16.5 inch wide by 12 inch high Main pieces
(4) 4 inch wide by 18 inch high Strap pieces

Step 7:Using a press cloth between stabilizer and iron, fuse stabilizer to wrong side of all fabric pieces.

Making the Straps & Closure:

Step 8: Take two strap pieces and, with right sides facing, sew short ends together to make a longer strap. Fold long sides inward .5 in on either and press.  Repeat with other strap pieces.  Top stitch along all sides.  Set aside.


Step 9: Stitch a short end of each lining side piece to either short end of the lining bottom piece, starting and stop stitching one quarter inch inward from beginning and end (this makes it easier to do the next step).  Do the same with the outer fabric side & bottom pieces.

Step 10: Pin and stitch width side of a main lining panel to width side of bottom, leaving a 2 inch gap in the middle of the seam for turning later. Start and stop stitching one quarter inch inward from beginning and end.  Repeat with outer fabric pieces, but without any gap.

Step 11: Pin Main side to side pieces and stitch together as shown. Trim all seam allowances and corners.  Add remaining Main sides.

Step 12: Turn outer bag right side out. Take one strap and pin each of its raw edge ends 3 inches from either end of the bunting side.  Baste. Repeat with the other strap on the other bunting side.

Step 13: Slip outer bag into lining with right sides facing, match up corners and pin all along raw edges at top. Stitch together.

Step 14: Turn bag right side out through opening in lining. Push corners out with knitting needle or ruler. Stitch lining gap closed by hand using a slip stitch. Press along top edge of bag and topstitch. 

Enjoy your sweet summertime tote!

Now for a chance to win this fabulous fabric bundle of 10 1/2yd fabrics!

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  1. I think I would make a tote bag.

  2. Cute project! I think I would make some market bags

  3. Thank you for the tutorial. I have never done this before. It looks so fun and happy. I will be making one of these. This would also be sweet as a library book with a book theme.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  4. Oh my gosh!!! I would make this AWESOME Tote!!! Thank you for the Turorial!! & for chance to win your Give-a-way!! :)

  5. I would make the tote bag and a quilt. So bright and fun.

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  7. I would make an adorable play mat for my neighbor's new baby! duchick at gmail dot com

  8. Great fabrics. I'm thinking place mats or pot holders.

  9. Thank you for the tutorial. I think I would make the tote bag if I won the fabric.

  10. I would make some cute things for my granddaughter; perhaps a jumper and hat, as well as, a bib.

  11. I love your bag so will probably follow your directions to make my own


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