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Sew What Box Review, Discount Offer & Giveaway!

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January is a month full of giveaways here at Sew Can Do.  It's been a while since I did a new sewing product review, though, so today I've got a review, special offer AND giveaway for you!  

Say hello to the Sew What Box by TaylarMade.  I'm sharing my experience trying it out & an opportunity for you to win one for yourself!

Sew What Box is a subscription kit that gives you the freedom to sew on your schedule, no matter how busy life gets.  My life is very hectic these days, managing my business and blog, homeschooling two teens & 9 year old and keeping up with an active, crawling baby all at the same time.  It's gotten hard to make time for projects, so I was really curious to see how easy it would be to use.

Upcoming projects are announced the first of every month so, for example, whatever is shown in February is what you'll receive in March.  I LOVE that you actually know what's coming.  

The projects are designed to take minimal time to assemble and can be completed as you are able. The box gives you everything you need to sit down at your sewing machine and start sewing right away.   

That's right - the materials are pre-cut.  You can even choose from several color choices each month, so you're not surprised by the fabrics you get.  No wrestling with cutting out a paper pattern first and then cutting out your fabric pieces.  It's already done for you.  The instructions are a step-by-step online video, so nothing to read and try to decipher on your own.  The notions (apart from scissors and an iron) are all included.  That all sounded intriguing too.  
Taylar, the creator of the Sew What Box (and an actual tailor herself through her TaylarMade Tailoring business), designed these boxes to make it easy for busy people to create beautiful, useable items, and easy for beginners to use their sewing machine.  She teaches in person classes, so everything is thought out well for a good user experience. 
Most sewing subscriptions just send fat quarters, sewing tools, or fabric cuts for subscribers to add to their stash or a whimsical project you really can't use every day.  They seem to be more about stockpiling materials you don't have specific plans for right now rather than getting to making things like this right away:     
I received the Fleece Throw Pillow box for January.  I decided to do the project with my kids since they're all new to sewing so I could really test it from both new-to-sewing & experienced sewer perspectives.
As promised, everything needed to make it, apart from the sewing machine, was in the box: fabric, matching thread, pins, needle - as well as a pillow form.  The enclosed card had a code you could scan to go to the online instructional video.  
The fabric was already cut and ready to go.  The fabric print was fun and appealing too.  The personalization aspect of choosing from fabric colors is a real plus and means you're not going to get something totally random that you might not like.  We swapped in our new machine needle and got started.  
The project video itself was under 10 minutes so we watched it as we went.  It was easy to follow and had nice tips for newbies, like how to tell the wrong & right side of fleece fabric. It was also nice that you could stop at any point if time was short and then pick things up again.  This is a common theme in my house these days so very appreciated!
I had each of my kids do some pinning & sewing.  We were able to finish the project in record time.  
We replayed sections when they needed it, which was a lot handier than me having to explain confusing written directions (which has happened in past projects).
The pillow cover design was an envelope style so it can easily be removed to wash or cover the pillow with another we can make later.  I liked these aspects a lot.
My daughter liked that she had a new set of pins to keep for her sewing basket & we were all happy with the cuddly and pretty new pillow we'd made:
Additional Thoughts:
- There are 3 month & 6 month pre-pay subscription prices that give you a discount compared to paying per month.  3 months take 5% off, 6 months takes 10% off (use my code below to make the discount even bigger!).  
Shipping isn't included so it's not "super cheap", but when you factor in gas saved from trips to the store for the materials & the video tutorial being like an actual sewing class, the price point is reasonable.  You can use the video, pins, etc. over and over!  I also like that it's a fellow sewing lover's small business you're supporting by purchasing, not some giant corporation like other subscription boxes.  
- I think these boxes would make an excellent gift for someone new to sewing - especially if it's someone who doesn't live near you to get hands on tutoring.  It's also ideal someone who needs a bit of "me time" but can't commit to classes or wants to just sit & sew without wasting time on project planning and prep.
- There are also options to buy several projects in a box to do with a few friends at a time or a larger party size box for 10 which would be fun for girl's nights and birthday parties. 
Sew Can Do readers can save an extra 5% off their first purchase by using the code: SEWCANDO.  
That's on top of the pre-pay discount options, so you can get a total of up to 15% off!
Now here's a chance for you to win 
THIS Sew What Box for yourself!

January's box provides everything to make this stylish Aztec print weekender bag, including the precut fabric pieces (I really love that element!!):

Cute and very practical.  Anyone signing up for a subscription  through January 31st will receive this bag as their first project box.  And remember to use the code SEWCANDO for a 5% discount!

I was not financially compensated for this post.  I reviewed this product from TaylarMade and am now an affiliate because I enjoy using their items.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  For my complete disclosure policy, click here. 


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  10. I love that everything comes in the box ready to use!

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  24. I have not actually had a sewcando box. It looks simple enough, so I'd actually like to have one to try. Thank you for the giveaway.

  25. I think your very kind to do this giveaway. I would like to win this. My mom's Birthday is on Valentine's day, I miss her dearly. I would make something in her memory. She was an amazing woman. We called her AMA. We lived in a small town so everyone knew her and called her AMA. AMA means mom in Spanish. When she passed her funeral was so full the Church was bursting with so many people, friends, including friends of friends it was so crowded, it was literally wall to wall, people all the way outside the doors. The Priest was in awe, he even said he wished Sunday Mass was this full that my mother should have been a priest or a deacon. May God rest her soul. Thank you for listening to me.

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