Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Easy To Make Loop Trim Fleece Blanket

Let's start the year off with an easy project!  Something anyone can whip up fast.  Since the weather has turned wintery, let's make a cuddly Loop Trim Fleece Blanket!

There are lots of fleece blanket styles out there, so I set out to do something a little different, but still fairly easy.  Just some straight stitch sewing and you've got this fun loopy-trimmed blanket:

I think the trim gives it a more polished finish that cut ties or just seamed edges.

And guess what?  It's SUPER easy thanks to using loop yarn!

- 1-1.5 yards of fleece fabric (depending on size desired)*
- Skein of loop yarn (Bernat EZ Blanket, Lion Off the Hook or Red Heart Loop-It)
- Small bowl or plate
- Hand sewing needle, heavy duty needle, rotary cutter/shears, pins
Optional: Walking foot

* The faith-themed fleece was from my shop.  It sold out fast, but I still have some other pretty faith fleece prints still available here.

Decide on the size of blanket desired and cut the fleece front & back accordingly.  I wanted to make a little throw to put over the car seat when outside, so I did a 30 in x 30 in square.

Take a small plate or bowl and use its shape to round off the corners with a rotary cutter:

Starting at the middle of one side of the front piece's right side, begin pinning the loop yarn, loops facing inward, with the flat edge right against the edge of the fabric.  Do this all the way around, overlapping about an inch when back at the beginning.  

Baste the yarn in place with a .25 in seam allowance.  Using a walking foot makes this a little easier since it keeps layers from shifting.  

With right sides facing, place the other piece of blanket fabric on top and pin together.  Stitch all the way around, leaving a 3 inch gap on one side for turning.

Turn right side out and hand stitch closed.


  1. Cozy and pretty blanket! I have some fleece fabric to make some of these for my family to use during TV time. Have a great weekend, Kippi

    1. Thanks Kippi! I'd love to see when you make some:)

  2. Thank You for this idea. How many skeins of this yarn did you use for the 30 x 30 blanket? How many skeins would be necessary for a 2 yard length of fleece blanket?

    1. One skein goes a long way - it would be plenty for a 2 yard blanket.


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