Wednesday, October 3, 2018

My Small Space Dream Craft Room Tour 2018!

I don't know how time has gone by so fast, but it's been 4 years since my last craft room tour!  That last one has been one of my most popular posts, so it seemed high time to open the door to my little slice of crafting heaven again and let my crafty online friends in for a new visit.  Come on in!

A little historical background on my space: the room is a former laundry room/galley kitchenette that's about 8ft x 11ft plus a 4ft x 4ft alcove. When we moved in, the alcove was a louver doored closet (sized for holding a washer & dryer) on one side and along the other wall there were a bunch of basic cabinets and a small counter with sink and a stove.  Since we have a normal kitchen and our washer & dryer are in the basement, this room was sort of a question mark as far as usefulness.  Check out these old photos from before this was a craft space and you'll see just how lackluster it was:

I think this is much better, don't you?

This catch-all, wasted former closet got cleared out:  

I migrated my plastic bins full of fabric & sewing gear out of the basement and eventually bought myself an EZ View desk from The Original Scrapbox and a padded swivel chair from Ikea to create a sewing nook.  

There's a second taller desk along the same wall for more crafting space and storage.  I saved up for a while to splurge on both desks and they were totally worth it. 

The see through tops make all the small supplies normally hidden in bins & drawers easy to spot and add some crafty beauty.  The key to keeping things organized in my limited space has definitely been my desks. They're designed to have loads of places to store craft and sewing supplies.  With 4 years of constant use, I can definitely say they were money well spent.  I haven't outgrown them and they've held up to everything I've thrown at them. Literally.   A sewing machine fell on one from a high shelf a few months ago and not a scratch!  

To keep cleaning up minimal, I make sure to always put things away in the same place. With 4 kids and a husband that all leave stuff everywhere (and almost never put things in the same place twice), I need as much help as I can get.  It saves me loads of time since I don't have to dig around looking for things or struggle to remember where something is if I haven't used it in a while.  This is especially true for things like patterns & manuals:  

The Original Scrapbox recently came out with sturdier plexiglass tote bins for the desk shelves to replace the thinner fabric totes my desks came with way back when.  New desk versions all come with these clear totes now.  They were kind enough to upgrade my previously purchased desks to those and I recut card stock fronts to decorate & camouflage the contents.  I also made some vinyl cut labels to stick on them for easy at-a-glance sorting.  Things look more up to date and stay well contained:

I still do all my oven baking with the stove in the room and half the cupboards house various cooking and baking items I don't have room to store in my kitchen. 

I made a less-than-useful sink into a built-in ironing surface by removing the faucet and cutting a piece of MDF to fit the sink lip. I upholstering it with Insul-Bright™ and a layer of cute canvas fabric on top. Since it rests in the lip all the way around the sink it's perfectly lined up with the counter for extra workspace. This little DIY has worked great over the years, is the perfect spot to use my Cricut Easy Press for heat transfer projects and has saved me a bundle by not needing to get a new counter (not to mention no longer needing to drag an ironing board in & out of this tiny space). 

To maximize the remaining space (aka the one wall left), I added white bead board shelves for storing & displaying my smaller supplies like ribbon & beads:

I still have spool racks mounted to the wall next to my sewing desk:

and a big revolving thread rack to store all my other threads neatly next to my Brother PE-770 embroidery machine. Not only do they add some color & a bit of themed decor, but they make it easy to find exactly what I need for a project instead of digging through bins like I used to.  With baby #4 having joined us this year, saving time and keeping things as neat as I can is a must!

Another new thing is that I now share the space with my 9 yr old daughter these days - she's taken over the cabinet under the sink area to keep her own scraps, mini dress form and sewing machine in so she can "work" with me when I'm sewing.  We're still trying to organize her things a bit better, so details on that to come, but the new sewing machine she got for her recent birthday will fit right in decor wise:

We did a sewing themed birthday party for her this year, so many of the props I made have found a home in my craft space, like the DIY giant thread spool storage canister on this shelf.  It's also where I keep fabric and craft books in my sewing nook:

Another improvement to my space has been this little guy, a ScrapMaBox shelf that The Original Scrapbox gave me to try out:

Before I got this organizer, I kept small notions in a drawer of my sewing desk.  Over time the drawer got fuller & fuller and I was constantly sifting through stuff to find things.  If I kept them in containers it looked neater, but meant I had to dig through those instead just the drawer.  Now that I've got this helper, all my little things like pins, needles, marking pens and seam ripper have their own mini shelves and I can see and grab them in an instant.  It's sized so that I can also fit it inside one of the main shelves of my desk if I want, but I like having it right on top, easy to spot.  

It's given me more storage room in my drawer now & doesn't look like a mess anymore:

It's also given me the perfect place to display my whimsical pincushions:

The shelf above my sewing desk is one I'd repurposed from a guest bathroom ages ago. It's still great for my sewing-themed knick knacks like a vintage Strawberry Shortcake figurine sewing, some My Little Pony sewing character figurines, my sewing machine USB drive: 

I'm trying to figure out a few ways to squeeze even more into my space now that I've got a junior crafter eager to join me, but overall I'm pleased that the set-up I've been using has worked so well for so long.  As much as I'd love a giant room for all my crafting endeavors, this cozy space is still a dream for me:)

I was not financially compensated for this post.  I received a ScrapMaBox & totes from The Original Scrapbox to customize as I desired and review.  All other items referenced were purchased by me.  The opinions are completely my own, based on my honest experiences.  


  1. Where did you find your revolving thread rack, what a brilliant space saving idea. I love your crafty space, those desks are gorgeous as well as practical xx

    1. Thanks Cheryl. I still love the desks as much as I did when I bought them. The Gutermann rack was available at Jo-Ann stores (a big box chain here in the US). It came with all the thread too so it was a great deal. Not sure where in the UK they'd be sold, but I've seen them on eBay as well.

  2. Absolutely amazing craft space. Your so organized. Loved the transformation.

  3. What a super cute craft room. I will be featuring this tonight at my Fall into Fall link party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.


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