Thursday, January 11, 2018

Crafted Blessings At A Difficult Time & How You Can Help

Over the weekend our daughter was in a car accident and, due to her injuries, had to stay in the hospital.  It was the first time anyone in our little family has needed an ambulance trip to the ER or been admitted to the hospital for an injury, so it was a stressful and scary time.  It happened when she wasn't with us, which made it even harder for me as a mom racing to the hospital to see what had happened.  I'd expected the only time we'd be at a hospital this year would be to bring baby #4 into the world in a number of weeks, which is a very different situation.

She'd thrown up on her security blanket immediately after the crash so she was really needing to feel comfort and couldn't have her most comforting friend right there.  During the night, while she & I slept in her hospital room, they put this beautiful quilt on her bed with a little stuffed lamb:

It was such a wonderful surprise gift and meant a lot at a time when we both needed a boost. I saw this label on the back that showed it was made by hand as a donation via Quilts for Kids and was touched that a fellow crafter took the time to create this to make our difficult time in the hospital a bit easier.

Since we've gotten home she's had it on her bed at night and kept it on her when she's been resting on the couch.  It's even a perfect match to the colors of her bedroom, which is an amazing coincidence.  She's recovering well, thankfully, and that quilt & the wonderful care we got from the hospital staff gave us some positive memories out of this experience.

In the past I'd done a few charity items like baby hats & preemie blankets, but being on the receiving end for the first time, it's reminded me how big an impact little personal touch donations like this have.  Once things settle down I'm going to make a little quilt to donate and pay it forward for another family.

I also feel like it's a message from above with how to make better use of my skills this year: "Do more projects like this".  I was just writing last week about not feeling like making things as much and how crafting felt like making more clutter rather than joy recently.   The idea of creating some things that will do some good for someone else and not just needlessly pile up in my house is just what I needed.  And it can be something the kids can assist me with, as well as help thin out the stash too, so nothing but positives.  

If you're looking for a new project idea, a crafting goal for 2018 or just want to do something nice for someone else who could use some help, consider one of these organizations that accepted crafted donations.  Using your crafty talents & gifts can make a big impact, as we've experienced firsthand, so share them!   


  1. Love this idea ! Hope your Daughter feels better soon !

  2. Hope your daughter and mother get a speedy recovery to health. Wish you tons of calm and strength to look after your family.

    1. Thanks so much. We all could use it. Every little bit helps:)


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