Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Decor the Easy Way: Using

Spring has arrived and with it the excitement of decorating for the new season.  I've been so eager to have green plants, sunny flowers and lovely color after a dreary grey winter. The weather around here, however, can't make up its mind.  One day it's 60 and sunny, the next 20 and snow, followed by several mid-30s and rainy.  This can last through mid-April around here, which means real plants are pretty iffy, but my new spring table has never looked better or more verdant:

Putting it together was so easy, which is key since I've had barely any free time lately.  I used a 1/4 yard of minky fabric as a plush pastel table runner.  The pretty wooden Easter egg tree was an heirloom from my grandmother.  It was on her table every Easter and I'm happy to keep the tradition going.

I did want to add a bit of nature to the table, but I didn't want fake flowers & wasn't sure how well the real thing would fare for the next few weeks.  I got this pair of moss bunnies from  They're thick & solid and the size is ideal.  Way nicer than the typical thin, hollow plastic or flocked cardboard variety.  They're a couple of pounds each in weight, so no chance of tipping.  The lively pose & detailed shape are just perfect:   

I added a velvet ribbon to each one's neck and a few faux eggs to the bases.  

On either side of my festive tree, they really make my spring tablescape work: asked if I would pick one of their products to use and review and it was tough to decide.  There were so many choices that all looked good, but these bunnies caught my eye.  They offer all sorts of artificial boxwood hedges - from topiaries to screens, custom shapes, indoor and outdoor, temporary or permanent, home or business use.

I have a few real boxwood shrubs outside and they're still slowly growing.  8 years and the solid hedge I imagined when I bought them is still a ways to go.  The idea of having an instant privacy hedge or way to camouflage outdoor eyesores like air conditioners seems really appealing.  Ideal for outdoor weddings and parties too.  And they aren't all traditional boxwood either.  Being able to pick the size, style and variety like Azalea, Juniper, Pearl Grass, Ivy or Boxwood adds extra options:  

They use their own special PermaLeaf® technology that makes their faux greenery both weather and UV resistant so they hold up & stay looking like the real thing too.  No fading fake looking leaves with these.  I still can't believe this isn't real:

I was really pleased with the items I tried and look forward to exploring more of their artificial options.  With hedges, typical topiaries and unique animal designs, there's something for every style.  My kids would LOVE the idea of one of these animal topiaries in our backyard! I'm pretty sure I would too;)


I was not financially compensated for this post.  I received these items from, to review & use as I desired.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.   For my complete disclosure policy, click here.


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