Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Amazing Quilt Art: Touring the My Corner of the World Exhibit

SAQA Exhibition: My Corner of the World

I just got back from a mini break across the border in Canada and had to share one of the neat things we discovered - an awesome quilt art show! 

The Stratford Perth Museum is currently hosting a SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) exhibit called My Corner of the World.  We were actually going there to see some theatrical exhibits (costumes and props from some of the Stratford Festival's many productions), but this little exhibit drew us in once we saw it.

New Mexico Schoolhouse by Jennifer Day

Some ultra-talented quilt artists created pieces representing their "corners of the world". There were 80 quilts on display.  40 Canadian plus 40 international artists.  So many beautiful designs:

Hidden Line by Maya Chaimovich

I'm just an entry-level quilter, but can totally appreciate the work that goes into these.

detail of Hidden Line by Maya Chaimovich

The techniques and originality blew me away.

Fundy Flame Agate by Kate Madeloso
The styles and subjects were really diverse.

Fishing Weir in Midnight by Sandra Betts
And many had incredible details. This golden netting appears to be stitched by hand:

detail of Fishing Weir in Midnight by Sandra Betts
This quilt was really unique:

Texting at the Food Court by Kathleen Kastles
And then seeing that all the dark detailing and texture was stitching was inspiring too. Looking at them up close added a whole bonus level of appreciation.  

detail of Texting at the Food Court by Kathleen Kastles

If you're a quilt lover and can get to Ontario, head over to the Stratford Perth Museum.  This exhibit is a must-see!


  1. beautiful, inspiring no other words to describe

    1. Aren't they? I was blown away with the creativity and talent of these quilt artists!


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