Friday, December 5, 2014

The Kind Kids Krate From Kreation Krate: A Crafty Gear Review

Today I'm sharing my review of a new product from Kreation Krate that I think is really cool: Kind Krates for Kids.  Instead of being just craft supplies in a box & more kid-made artwork to clutter the house, it combines learning a new craft with doing some kindness for someone else.  I'd reviewed one of their original boxes for grown-up crafting back in October and thought it was a really neat concept (read the whole review here).  My 5 yr old enjoyed helping with the crafting on that, so it was great to hear that they were starting to offer boxes specifically for kids called Kind Krates and we were lucky enough to get to try one out.

Everything came beautifully packaged like the original box I had tried.  We received the Little Box of Sunshine set:

Once again, there was a nice amount of project supplies - we had enough felt, ribbon, cards and boxes to make four sunshines & matching boxes and had plenty of ric-rac and ribbon leftover to add to our stash, as well as a really nice pair of craft scissors with a rubbery grip.  My 12 yr old immediately commented "Wow, they're nice grips!" when he tried them out.  

I thought this theme was really cute:

The project itself was easy for the kids to follow and didn't require Mom doing half of the work for them or have to explain out.  

Even my 5 yr old could do it without me needing to hover over her, so it was a nice, low key project.

And since there was enough in the box for them all to participate, there was no squabbling. I did see that there are sibling add-on options too, should you want more supplies or the kids don't want to share things like the scissors.

My kids also liked thinking up who to gift their boxes of sunshine too.  They gave a few as presents with some thank you cards they made and gave one to someone we know who recently lost her job unexpectedly and needed a little boost of positivity.  The smile on her face when she got it told us it worked.

As I've mentioned before, with our homeschooling needs & real life running around, I usually run short on time for my own crafts, let alone planning stuff for the kiddies.  I tend to not get around to putting together crafting opportunities for my kids, so I see these boxes as a big help in that department.  It also gives the kids their own craft supplies so they don't have to swipe mine.  There are just a few Kind Krates for kids, because they're brand new, but I think this is something we'll be doing more of in 2015.  The Pom Pom Cupcakes set looks fun too:

Plus, the other nice thing about these, is that you aren't required to sign-up for anything or commit to a subscription.  You can just shop for the Kreation Krates you like when you want them.  There's also the option to gift krates (that also ship for free), which could be a great holiday gift idea.  I may have to put a few of these on my list for Santa....;)

I received this Kreation Krate to review.  The opinions are completely my own, based on my honest experience with this item.

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  1. This is a nice craft box with fun projects and a positive message for all. It's perfect for children of all ages!


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