Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Choose the next Sew Can Do PDF Patterns!

Over the years I've been doing this blog I've had a few projects that I showed, but didn't offer as a complete tutorial.  Things too long to put in a post or would require digitized pattern pieces to make (which takes extra time I usually don't have).  A few continue to get regular pattern inquiries, so it's made me think it might be time to finally get some together into full, downloadable, PDF patterns.

My plan is to offer them in my shop, The Green Hedgehog, and do some pattern giveaways for them here too.  I would also plan to put out a call for pattern testers for any sized items when those patterns are ready, so you could be one of the first to try them out for free! 

To get things started I'd like to put it to you, the readers, to tell me what you'd like to see most. 

Some project patterns I'm thinking about doing are... 

Sanity Saving Training Pants.  A leak-proof training pant for toddlers, with both pull-up and easy open sides, as well as a pocket opening to add absorbent inserts as needed.  

Reversible Serena Dress.  I currently offer this in my shop in 0-12months sizes, but could expand it up to 4T and include a reversible buttonhole option in addition to snaps for the shoulder closures.

Laminated High Chair Cover.  A wipeable, padded covering that ties onto most standard size high chairs for a custom look that's also vinyl, phthalate & BPA free:

Cabbage Rose Ruffle Dress.  I did this as a birthday dress for my daughter a while back. It's a party dress with puff sleeves, a scalloped ruffle trim neckline and scalloped open skirt front with layers of petticoat ruffles underneath.

I already offer the matching ruffle bonnet as my Cabbage Rose Bonnet pattern in my shop:  

And my Tulip Bag (which was originally seen in Quilts & More Magazine).  It's a great way to show off two pretty fabrics at the same time and has a wrap-around design that adds clever pockets and gives the bag it's signature tulip shape:

Let me know in the comments if you think you'd be interested in any of these becoming PDF patterns.  I'd also love to hear if there are any other things you've seen here on Sew Can Do (or would like to see) as a PDF pattern.

Hearing what people are looking for will definitely motivate me to prioritize these in my limited project making time.  I really want to move some to the top of the "Do it now!" list instead of their current spots on my "When I get free time (Ha, as if I have free time)" list.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!! 


  1. The reversible Serena Dress in a size 4t would be great. My daughter is about a 3T/4T depending on the pattern and is living in sundresses so far this summer!

  2. I'm a fan of the rev. Serena dress, highchair cover and tulip bag. I'd love to be a tester!

  3. I love the tulip bag :) I'd also love to test for you! They are all so cute!

  4. Oh this would be fun! I have a little girl about to potty train and the training pants sound great! I'd love to be able to make her some cute ones. :) The tulip bag also looks very nice! They all would be fun really. I'd love to be a tester for you. Inside I might be jumping up and down and saying pick me pick me!

  5. i'd love to make a high chair cover!!

  6. Tulip bag what a great use for all these scraps I have laying around as well as burlap..PLEASE!!!!..

  7. Cabbage Rose Ruffle dress looks like a dream! Good luck with anything you decide but I would love this drees

  8. Tulip Bag! Sadly I don't have any little ones to sew for.
    (PS: sorry if this is a double post, I didn't see it go through the first time I tried to comment.)

  9. The Tulip Bag! Because, selfishly, I could make that for myself :)

  10. I love the training pants. We recently went through potty training and I would totally make a bunch of those to use for our next little one!! The Serena dress is adorable too! My daughter is in a dress phase right now and would love if I made her one.

  11. i like the ruffle party dress. is this a pattern yet?


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